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9 years 3 months ago #51659 by varstars
I had the linked in image loading before but for some reason it's no longer loading. I have jfbconnect and SCLogin on my site (running Joomla 2.5.19) and on this page vendormaven login
where it should have the image for linked in it is no longer there.

The Css says it's looking for the image in the /media/sourcecoast/images/provider/button_linkedin.png. I don't even have an Images folder in that location much less the image itself, but I swear it was loading before. What do you think could have happened?
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9 years 3 months ago #51663 by alzander
Are you still having issues with this? I just went to your site and the LinkedIn image is showing just fine for me from media/sourcecoast/images/provider/button_linkedin.png

Let me know if you still have issues and we'll help however we can.

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