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7 months 4 weeks ago #68714 by joomleb
Hi Mel,
Thanks for the update. I'll stay tuned here waiting your news...
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7 months 4 weeks ago #68715 by mel
Looking back at my previous testing in a comment above

* I installed es-ES language on my J4 test site and enabled the language filter plugin.
* I added a menu item for JFBConnect account menu item page with Spanish as the language.
* I copied over the newest transifex file for es-ES.com_jfbconnect.ini into the translations folder.
* When the COM_JFBCONNECT_ACCOUNT_LINKED_ACCOUNTS_CONNECT_PROFILE_LABEL key was commented out, the English translated value was shown.
* When the key was re-enabled, the Spanish translated value was shown.
* I did not rename to com_jfconnect.ini - this behavior worked regardless of the name

After changing the filenames to remove locale for J4.3, the same desired behavior occurs for me
* If a string in Spanish is commented out, the English string displays
* if it's re-enabled, the Spanish string displays.

I'd say wait to re-test this issue on your site until I put the next build out.

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