Meetup Breaking Changes and Paid Access

Earlier this year, Meetup announced a major revision to their integration API. The new release, version 3, will be mandatory starting August 15th. JFBConnect has been updated to support all of the changes required for version 3. If you use Meetup integration with JFBConnect, please make sure you are running at least JFBConnect v8.2.3.

Even if you don't use Meetup yet, one change to their API to take note of: After August 15th, you'll need to have a Meetup Pro membership to add Meetup Authentication to your site. Before August 15th, you can signup as an "OAuth Consumer" without being a Meetup Pro member and you will be able to continue using Meetup integration for free!

A Meetup Pro membership is $30 / month, so if you plan on adding Meetup authentication to your site at any point in the future, it's worth setting up your Meetup application now.

For full details on how to setup a Meetup Application, see our Meetup Application Setup Guide.

Existing Meetup Users

If you already have Meetup authentication on your site, please make sure you're updated to the latest JFBConnect release. Beyond that, you shouldn't need to do anything in your Meetup Application settings. However, we recommend double-checking that you have setup your app as an "OAuth Consumer". In the Meetup API area, you should have a section that looks like the image below:

Meetup OAuth Consumer Setup

Stay tuned for more details on our latest JFBConnect release, which adds Facebook Chat functionality and some other great features!

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