Meetup Application Setup

The Meetup Application setup process is described below. These steps below should guide you through the entire process. 

Please note: Only subscribers to Meetup Pro can apply for new OAuth Applications.

Meetup Authentication

  1. Log into
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click the 'Create New Consumer' button.
  4. Fill out the details for your website:
    1. Consumer - A title for your application. Your website title is a good example.
    2. Application Website - A link to the home page of your website, including http:// or https://
    3. Redirect URL - This can be a base URL to your page
    4. Primary Reason and Use Cases - Select the appropriate options for your application.
    5. Full Description of Use Case - Provide a description of how you're planning on using the application.
    6. Contact Name
    7. Contact Email
    8. Agree to the terms of service
    9. Click 'Register Consumer' button
      Meetup App - App DetailsMeetup App - App DetailsMeetup App - App Details
  5. Once the steps above are complete, you will see a list of OAuth Consumers. For the application you just created, you'll see a section like below with your application information:Meetup - API and Secret Keys
  6. Use the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret in the JFBConnect settings for Meetup Consumer Key and Meetup Consumer Secret. At this point, JFBConnect is ready for Meetup authentication.
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