JFBConnect v8.4.6 Released - Instagram and Facebook Compatibility Updates

JFBConnect v8.4.6 is now available. This release is primarily a compatibility update to support upcoming changes in Instagram and Facebook. At the end of October, some older API and widgets for both Facebook and Instagram will no longer work. Specifically:

  • Facebook Graph API v3.1 sunsets on 10/27. Versions of JFBConnect before v8.2.0 will likely no longer function with Facebook after that date.
  • Instagram's embedded post feature has been overhauled and the current implementation will no longer work on October 24th. Once your site is updated to JFBConnect v8.4.6, you'll need to add your Facebook 'Client Token' in the administrator area to continue embedding Instagram posts on your site.

In addition, there were some other under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes, which you can see in the JFBConnect changelog.

We highly recommend updating to JFBConnect v8.4.6 to ensure your authentication and other social features continue working properly.

The Next Major Release Is Coming

This is the last planned version in the JFBConnect v8 series, which was originally launched in 2018. Version 8 has been instrumental for laying the groundwork for future releases. Over the course of v8 development, we've added a new plugin system to easily add more social networks (we now support 15), improved Open Graph and sharing support, more widgets and loads of other improvements and features. 

Version 8 was all about breadth.. more features for more networks. Version 9 will be much more targeted with large improvements to specific features, like improved automatic posting (more networks, more options), easier configuration and Joomla 4 compatibility. We'll be posting more about our long-term roadmap shortly. Stay tuned!

Alex Andreae

Alex co-founded SourceCoast Web Development in 2008. Based in sunny Florida, SourceCoast develops extensions for integrating your Joomla powered website with popular social networks. He has spoken at more than a dozen Joomla User Groups and Joomla Days, including the Joomla World Conference in both 2012 and 2013. Topics have included social networking for Joomla, running a business around Joomla extensions, and Joomla development.

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