Instagram Basic Display API

Earlier this year, Instagram announced that new client registrations and permissions review would be discontinued for the exsting Instagram API platform in Mid-October 2019. New applications will use the Instagram Basic Display API going forward.

Existing applications still currently work with Instagram (and JFBConnect) but will cease to function in early 2020.

JFBConnect v8.3 was just released and is compatible with the required changes for the Basic Display API. If you use Instagram authentication on your site with JFBConnect, please upgrade before 2020 to ensure there are no authentication issues on your site.

Some changes to be aware of with the new Instagram API are below. We have no control over the limitations imposed by the new API, but have done everything we can to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your users:

  • The user's email address cannot be fetched.
  • On registration, the 'mini-registration' flow of JFBConnect will be used to ask the user for their email address.
  • After migrating to the new API, on first login with Instagram, your users will have to reconnect their existing Joomla account to their Instagram account. This is taken care of on the mini-registration page by letting the user enter their Joomla username and password.

With the API changes, new Instagram applications have also been integrated into Facebook Applications. We've detailed the current steps to set this up in our Instagram Application Setup Guide. Additionally, using the new API on a live site will require going through Facebook's App Review. This process can be lengthy, so please start integrating the new changes as soon as you can for a smooth transition.


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