Facebook for Joomla 3: JFBConnect v5.0 Released

The newest release of JFBConnect, v5.0, is available now. This release of the most popular Facebook for Joomla integration extension has been vastly improved with new features, faster load times, and sets the foundation for adding Twitter and Google+ authentication and integration over the next few releases.

After more than 5 years of development, JFBConnect has constantly been improved with new features, such as Open Graph ActionsFacebook Requests, and constantly changing and updated social widgets from Facebook. This new release focuses more on the roots of what made, and has kept us so popular over all this time: profile integration, excellent Joomla support and an eye on the ever-evolving Facebook capabilities.

Joomla 3.0 Social Networking

Joomla! 3 Ready

JFBConnect now officially supports Joomla 3.0 for Facebook integration. This release is every bit as powerful, yet easy to configure, as our previous releases. We're happy to say that we've done more testing with this version of JFBConnect than on any previous release, and it shows. After more than a week of being available, our support requests have gone down significantly and there's no 5.0.1 version in sight.

Profile import from Facebook for JomSocial, Community Builder, Kunena, and more

Social Profiles

This new release has a completely new profile integration system, built from the ground up. This new plugin system will allow a much easier creation of profile plugins to let you import profile information from your social network of choice into any Joomla extension.

Right now, we have plugins for JomSocial, Community Builder, K2, Kunena, and Virtuemart. The same social profile plugins also work for both JFBConnect and JLinked, our LinkedIn for Joomla integration extension, making configuration and integration of both social networks into Joomla simple.

Rounding things out

This release has many other improvements as well:

  • Like, Comment, Fanbox, and other social widgets now use HTML5 tags, which load faster and have improved HTML validation. 
  • Speed improvements in the login process to minimize requests sent to Facebook and fewer overall database queries. 
  • New social widgets from Facebook, like the "Follow" module and added new parameters to all the other modules to make sure they offer all the features available from Facebook.
  • Lots of other enhancements and bug-fixes. For more information, see the full JFBConnect changelog.

The Future

We know very well what's made us so popular for the last 5 years, and we know what our users our looking for from us now. In the coming months and the remainder of this year, we have a lot of improvements planned. Here's the short-list, though this just scratches the surface:

  • An overhauled Login module, with new designs, AJAX functionality, and much better looks
  • Twitter Authentication and Profile import
  • Google+ Authentication and Profile import
  • New Google+ "Interactive Posts", similar to Open Graph Actions
  • Automatic posting of articles to your favorite Social Networks
  • Lots more of that good ole' Facebook integration

Thank you!

We love all of our users, and are so happy to see the amazing Joomla sites that have been made with Facebook integration. We're so excited to work for you over the next 5 years developing the best social networking integration extension for Joomla!

Alex Andreae

Alex co-founded SourceCoast Web Development in 2008. Based in sunny Florida, SourceCoast develops extensions for integrating your Joomla powered website with popular social networks. He has spoken at more than a dozen Joomla User Groups and Joomla Days, including the Joomla World Conference in both 2012 and 2013. Topics have included social networking for Joomla, running a business around Joomla extensions, and Joomla development.

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