Facebook App Requests Now Available with JFBConnect v4.1

App Request for JoomlaThe newest version of JFBConnect is now available, and it takes promoting your site to the next level! With over 60 new features and updates, this is a big release! By far the biggest is the ability to send Requests to all of your users, or let your visitors send site invitations to their friends. All with detailed tracking of who sent, received, and acted upon each request.

The image on the right shows what was sent out to thousands of SourceCoast users to let them know about this blog post. You can do the same for your site!

Facebook Requests

Requests are the system in Facebook for applications to send status updates to their users. Think about the notices from games that it's your turn, or that your farm misses you and you need to plant new crops (yeah, you know what I mean). Now, you can send the same types of status updates to all of your Facebook users for letting them know about a new blog post, promotion, sale, or other exciting event happening at your site. Each request can be customized with the URL you want to send the user to and a brief message they will see to let them know why they should accept the request. With the click of a button, you can send a request to thousands of Facebook users!

The new system also lets you create requests that can be sent by visitors of your site to their friends. Again, the destination URL can be set, so you can have your guests invite their friends to your home page, an event page, or whatever you think would draw the best audience. It's fully up to you, and it's the most powerful way to promote your site: social sharing!

Front-end request popupFriend Notification on Facebook

Full Request Tracking

Simply sending requests wasn't enough for us though. The Request system features a full tracking interface where you can see the Facebook user that the request was sent from and to, including their Joomla user information if they've linked an account to your site. You'll not only be able to see who's sent requests, but which user's have accepted the request and visited your site.Now you can start seeing what invitation methods are working, and which aren't, so you can refine your message and get the most out of your promotions!

Request Tracking

For more information on setting up Facebook Requests for your Joomla site, see the Facebook Requests for Joomla configuration guide.

Other Features in JFBConnect v4.1

The 4.1 release has been in development for months, and extends the power of JFBConnect greatly. In addition to the powerful request system, there's tons of other great improvments you can take advantage of immediately upon upgrading:

  • New "Subscribe" module and easy-tag for letting users get updates from Facebook users
  • Support for Facebooks Enhanced Dialog box, rolling out to applications right now
  • Fluid Canvas support
  • Adding Page Tabs with 2 clicks right from within JFBConnect
  • Vastly improved User Map area showing profile pictures and other status for each of your Facebook users
  • Improved integration with JLinked (LinkedIn for Joomla)
  • Google Analytics for social actions from your users (Like clicks and new Comments)

JFBConnect v4.1 is ready for download now for Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, and is ready for Joomla 2.5 coming out later this month. All users are recommended to upgrade immediately to take advantage of the new features and updates that Facebook has recently made.

Ready to Socialize Your Site?

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