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2 weeks 6 days ago - 2 weeks 6 days ago #68411 by joomleb
Hi guys, 
PHP 7.4.33 + Joomla 4.2.6 + JFBConnect 9.0.215 - about SCLogin Module

The Bootstrap 2 (Joomla 3) control-group: here an image for you

With Bootstrap 4 it began form-group.

In Bootstrap 5 (Joomla 4) the form-group has been replaced  and, file …/modules/mod_sclogin/tmpl/joomlaLogin_vertical.php, the mb-3 utility should be used instead, I add here an image for you with details and the “fixed” file.

Do you agree ?
Please, Can you add it for the upcoming next release ?
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2 weeks 4 days ago #68421 by mel
We model our login view templates after mod_login, which still uses form-group for Joomla 4. I will have to investigate this further.

Hi Mel, 
Thank you for your answer. I'll stay tuned here...
Hi Mel,
thinking it's important to be able to make the correct decisions here (as much in line as possible with Joomla 4.x), I want to report my ticket on Joomla GitHub:
- #39641 -

which resulted in these requests:
- #39669 -

So that you too can participate...
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I'm watching that thread. Unfortunately, I'll be upfront and make sure you know that we are not designers. We lean on the work that the Joomla team does and extend that functionality/design.. but I don't have much input on those 2 threads after reading through them.

If a pull request is finalized, we'll gladly investigate the changes we'd need to make to implement them in JFBConnect for even better integration.

Hi Alex,
I didn't report the threads because you are a "designer". I flagged the threads because:

- I have reported (here and elsewhere) to Mel several inconsistencies with Joomla 4 and Bootstrap 5
- Mel made himself available and kindly tried to fix all the points (both with release 9.0.215 and now)
- Here (and elsewhere) we are left with Mel who "I will have to investigate this further..."
- I noticed and reported some inconsistencies / bugs (Login page / Login module)
- Here specificlaly, we are talking here about SCLogin.
- The basic concept is that JFBC is built "on the features" of Joomla 4
- For you and Mel to make the best decisions here it would be good to know exactly how Joomla 4 works / should work
- As it appears from the thread, right now Joomla Team should clarify some things (first of all to themselves)
- therefore I have highlighted my GitHub post here...

No controversy here, I've just tried to provide as much data as possible to make the best decisions and simplify the "fixing works"
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