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For information, I could not download SClogin via joomla4 (install from the web)
I got the mesasge
"Error connecting to server 500
Invalid URL
Could not find the installation package."

By switching to joomla 4, I see again that you have addons
1/ I would like you to give the possibility to connect with opensource sites: mastodon, slideshow, peertotube ... Is it possible to insert it in your roadmap ?
2 / can you also integrate the recognition of the email as id of the site joomla?
There was an extension but it has not been updated for joomla4!

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5 days 18 hours ago #68056 by alzander
1) We did implement a new plugin system for JFBConnect allowing us to implement different social networks more easily. We're evaluating some of the next networks that we want to integrate with and will add those to our investigation list.

2) For standard Joomla authentication, we generally don't try to alter that flow. There are plugins out there for email as username authentication already and they work perfectly fine with JFBConnect/SCLogin. That's not functionality we'd recreate within our products.

I hope that helps explain, but should you need anything else, just let us know!

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5 days 46 minutes ago #68057 by HDcms
Thank you for answering me

2/ sad because currently there is not a single plugin that does this for joomla4 and it seemed close (but if integrated into paid version)!

1/ I had well followed the development of specific plugin but what interested me is the roadmap and if those I propose are considered?

3/ Does your JFBConnect plugin integrate well with the native forms of joomla? because I'm not sure I need SClogin!

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