Problem with redirect after login using the SClogin module

Problem with redirect after login using the SClogin module

Im having some problems with my redirection after the login using the "return" GET parameter.

I'm using jfbconnect with Community Builder and i have turned redirect after successfully login of in the SCLogin module and in the JFBConnect component options. Since i wanna use the return param only.

I've set up a page named for log-in where i have attached the JFBConnect SCLogin module.

If i log ind with the ordinary login (CB login fields) then it wont redirect unless im using a joomla non-SEF url: base64_encode("index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=23").
It works as it should and redirecting me to a Joomla SEF url afterwards.

But when i login with the blue facebook button then it redirects me to:
index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=23 - and not the SEF url.

The blue facebook button can redirect me to the desired page if i send the desired sef url baseencoded with like this:
But it doesnt work with the ordinary login(CB-login)

How should i do this to make both the login types redirect me to a SEF url?


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Re: Problem with redirect after login using the SClogin module

There's different options for both things you mention. In the SCLogin module, there is a "Joomla Login Redirection URL". That URL is used *only* when the user is logging in using their Joomla username and password (not Facebook).

The setting in the JFBConnect component for redirection is *only* used when a user logs in through Facebook, whether that's in the SCLogin module or a custom Login with Facebook button that can be used.

So, with that said, I don't think you're using the same URL for both. CB requires the return parameter to be set a little differently, and my guess is that you don't have the "Registration Component" in the SCLogin module set to "Community Builder". Without that set, we don't modify the return parameter like it's supposed to be for CB, and that's probably the problem.

Hope that helps explain and fixes your issue. If not though, let us know.


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