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10 years 8 months ago #13018 by fb_1248644574
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My first subscription is up at the end of next week and I plan on renewing but I have a couple questions first.

Will future connects that you may be working on (I saw in the forums you were working on Linkedin, and considering Google + and Twitter)
be included in updates, be purchased addons, or completely separate products that will require separate subscriptions. I see that social media integration is becoming very popular in the Joomla Extensions Directory, but I am preferring your tools because they are so nice and the support is great. Also, do you have any preliminary estimates on when/if you will be working on other connections? If I can add my two cents I think Google and Twitter would be more important to more people than Linkedin but that is just my opinion.

However unlikely I am just trying to plan ahead in case those Nov attacks on fb end up being worse than we all think..
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10 years 8 months ago #13023 by alzander
Replied by alzander on topic Future updates
We're currently working on LinkedIn right now. When it's available, it will be a whole separate package that will obviously work with JFBConnect, but will be independent. There's a lot of differences between the two, and for support and development, they will need to be a separate subscription. However, we will have 'bundles' where if you subscribe to both, you can get a discount.

As for other networks, we're planning to add Google+ and Twitter as extensions in the future as well, but it will be a bit after LinkedIn becomes available, just to get feedback and make sure we don't go overboard. As for why we chose LinkedIn, it's simply simply because there are no competitors in Joomla for that, it's more business-y (which is a slightly different market than Facebook/Twitter/Google+), and it's more powerful than Twitter and more documented/stable than Google+..

Finally, with the upcoming 4.0 release of JFBConnect (next week), we'll be adding some social buttons, like Googe +1 and Twitter Share so that those can easily be added to content on your site. So, ideally, if you want just authentication within Facebook, but want additional social integration, hopefully JFBConnect will suit your needs.. but for more 'user' integration, the other extensions will be needed to add that flexibility.

Hope that all explains. Not sure what you mean by the "Nov attacks on Facebook"..

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