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Hi I bought JFB Connect over 6 months ago but have never been able to use it as it didn't work as I needed with EasySocial and Payplans. I am back looking to see if there have been any new features added that would allow me to use it as I need (before I re-purchase).
I saw this thread: which is basically the same issue as I have. My registration flow needs to be as follows:

1. When a user visits the site to register they are presented with the social registration buttons of JFBConnect (or first prompted which PayPlans profile type they want to register as if that is easier).

2. I have 4 Payplans profiles i.e. Basic, Standard, Premium and Ultra so depending on which one is selected, the associated EasySocial profile is created - this is important as they each capture different information

3. The user's social avatar, cover and other details are imported during registration

At the moment I cannot select the Payplans/EasySocial profile types, I can only set one profile type as a default and given that one of them is a free basic account - that's the one I would be able to use as a basic user for example would not register if I set one of the paid plans as default. This means a user who wants to be one of the other 3 (not basic) has to then go through an upgrade process and enter all their other details manually which is counter productive.

Is there a way to build in a selector during the initial registration process so the correct profile registration is started? Did you get this working for the poster of the thread above?

Kind regards

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does no one answer questions in these forums? I am looking to re-subscribe but need an answer to my question before I do.
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I'm so sorry we missed your question above! We do answer our forums, and try to do so at least on a daily basis, but we missed this one in the Pre-Sales questions area.

We haven't done any additional PayPlans integration over the last 6 months, and the post you linked to was from 4 years ago, just to call that out. Part of the reason we haven't done any development specifically related to PayPlans integration is because it hasn't been requested very much in the past. A few years ago, there was quite a bit of requests for deeper PayPlans integration, like in the topic you linked too. However, since that time, the developers of PayPlans put out a JFBConnect integration plugin/app which (from reading it) does what you're looking for:

I haven't tested that app at all, but it's definitely where I'd start. We try not to add deep integration with every extension out there if we don't have too. It's much easier if those extension developers, who know their product, hook into our system.. which is what it sounds like ReadyBytes has done.

Please investigate and see if that helps. Also, FYI, through Monday, we're running our Black Friday promo of 25% off. If interested, add JFBConnect to your cart and add the promo code shown on the checkout page to get the discount!

I hope that helps and we'd love to see you back as a customer!

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