Topic-icon Sign in with Google features: "One Tap" & "Automatic sign-in"

1 month 2 days ago - 1 month 2 days ago #68911 by alechu
does your extension support these 2 new Google login features?

I have seen similar login on many famous websites.

what it looks like:

One Tap:

Automatic sign-in:

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2 weeks 22 hours ago #68927 by mel
With 9.1.55, we have added Google identity login that can be added with the SCSocialWidget. It's our first pass and doesn't include the automatic sign in portion yet. I believe there's probably still kinks to work out with it, so if you run into any issues, please let us know.

yes, it's only a separate widget at the moment, which doesn't really make much sense since such code can be inserted manually, but will there be an option in the component settings to have the "Automatic sign-in" button appear on the Joomla registration page?

and will there be the same option for the SCLogin module, which would show the "Automatic sign-in" button instead of the current static Google logo?

I've seen similar things implemented on many websites - they no longer use a static "register/login via Google" button, they use this form with automatic display of your Login account.

I think you can see something like this when you try to log in to Twitter or Reddit (if you have previously logged in to the same browser using your Google account)
I also mean that the code for this button "Automatic sign-in" should be automatically loaded only on the Joomla registration page, and also if the login button is displayed as a pop-up, then only when you click on the login button will this "Automatic sign-in" login form be loaded.