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I have uninstalled the component but I see the database still has tables with the jfbconnect prefix. What is the appropriate way to clean up the database?
The component was installed when using Joomla 3, but we are now using Joomla 4 and do not need the component.
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2 months 1 day ago #68847 by mel
The following tables are created by JFBConnect and can be removed:

* jfbconnect_autopost
* jfbconnect_autopost_activity
* jfbconnect_channel
* jfbconnect_config
* jfbconnect_user_map
* jfbconnect_opengraph_action
* jfbconnect_opengraph_action_object
* jfbconnect_opengraph_activity
* jfbconnect_opengraph_object
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