Topic-icon Migration of login from Windows Live to Azure

2 months 2 weeks ago #68833 by alechu
I recently found out that Windows Live will no longer be supported in the future and that new apps can no longer be created there.

If I create a new app for login through Azure, will those users who used Windows Live be migrated to the Azure app or not?
Is there mutual integration between these login systems or will this be a completely new application and all old Windows Live users will be lost?

I have not found information anywhere about the migration of old users, everywhere there is only information that Windows Live will no longer be supported.
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Support Specialist
2 months 2 days ago #68845 by mel
I've looked around too and I don't see any information. Windows Live has been deprecated for a long time now. The Windows add on we provide has the Azure provider plugin. I'd suggest very quickly trying to put your Live app/secret in the configuration in the JFBConnect backend for Azure and see what happens if you attempt to log in with a user that already has Windows Live mapped.

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