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2 months 3 weeks ago - 2 months 1 week ago #68500 by joomleb
Hi guys, 
I suppose this conflit it is coming from Helix Ultimate 2.0.12, but, knowing that soon you are releasing some fixings here, would be useful to exclude the JFBConnect as possible cause.
The Bug is described in this GitHub report:
And I have back it also on SCLogin module (you can find it in the left Off canvas position).
Sure I have:
- JFBConnetc > Configuration > Advanced > Load jQuery/Bootstrap: No
- JFBConnetc > Configuration > Advanced > Load Bootstrap CSS: No

Waiting for your reply, Friendly Regards
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2 months 2 weeks ago - 2 months 2 weeks ago #68503 by alzander
The issue is not from JFBConnect. It's from this line in the template.css file:
input[type="text"], textarea {
outline: none;
box-shadow: none !important;

If you set the 'focus' attribute to that input in the Developer Tools, you can see the CSS that is applied.

I hope that helps, but if you need anything else, please let us know.

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2 months 2 weeks ago #68507 by joomleb
Hi Alex, 
Thank You very much! I tested it with success and I reported it on GitHub...
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