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I have articles restricted to registered user only and "show unauthorized links" on, and I would like to show the SC Login/register pop up window when user clicked on Read More link, e.g show the same popup as the button.
Please check the attached printscreens from .
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The SCLogin module doesn't have any way to automatically pop itself up. The 'show unauthorized links' setting is a Joomla setting and it will automatically take you to Joomla's login functionality. That's just how it's built and there's no way to hook into or override that method.

In general, we recommend making sure your standard Joomla login area 'looks' good as there are many components and Joomla features that will automatically redirect users there. JFBConnect does have a setting to add the social login buttons to that login component view as well.

I hope that helps explain, and sorry for the very delayed response.

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the simplest way is to use the EngageBox extension:
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