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2 weeks 5 days ago #68319 by romagromov
Not correct redirect after login.
For example, we are on item page:
User should be logged to download that sound.
Ok, we try to login, but after that we lose this page, because system redirects us to parent category
We can call it a disaster. Because users come to the site from a Google search and will no longer be able to easily find this page.
How to fix it?

Support Specialist
2 weeks 5 days ago #68322 by alzander
Both the SCLogin module and JFBConnect have a "Login Redirection" option. Please make sure that's set to "Same Page". Once they log in, that should bring them back to the page they were logging in from.

If that doesn't work, let us know and we can investigate further.

2 weeks 4 days ago #68328 by romagromov
Yes, both the module and JFB component have configured to redirect to same page.
Watch this video
But today I found that problem happens only when user login with user's access details (login and password).
When social networks used - redirection ok.
Watch how it goes
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2 weeks 4 days ago #68334 by alzander
There are 2 things I'd ask you to check:
* Disable caching (as discussed in other posts)
* In the SCLogin module settings, change the Login Redirection URL to a specific menu item. Test if the user is redirected to that page. If they are still redirected to /interface-ui/ that would indicate some other extension (a plugin, component, etc) is detecting the login and redirecting the user. You'd need to determine what other code is forcing the redirection and disable it.

I hope that helps,
2 weeks 1 day ago #68338 by romagromov
1. I disabled cache - no changes in behavior.
2. I changed the Login Redirection URL to a specific menu item no changes in behavior.

Actually, Login Redirection works ok on any page except item view.
So, when I log in on any items page, the site redirects me to the parent category page (not only in /interface-ui/).
1 day 12 hours ago #68342 by romagromov
Anybody here?
Support Specialist
1 day 3 hours ago #68345 by alzander
Are the item pages standard Joomla articles? If not, which extension are you using to create the directory of sounds on your site?

I just tried to look at the HTML on the site to determine what JFBConnect is setting as the redirect URL, but there is heavy combining and compressing of the HTML content. That makes it hard to debug but could also be altering some of the Javascript or HTML that JFBConnect relies on. In addition to disabling caching, can you disable all of the optimizations and test again? If it still fails, you can re-enable them.. but to debug further, we'd need to be able to see the actual HTML that's being generated before it gets altered.

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