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3 weeks 3 days ago #68014 by joomleb
Hi guys, 
Please, waiting for your reply on my previous post...
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2 weeks 4 days ago #68031 by alzander
You're correct, a user plugin does allow for showing these fields in a different way than we already do. When we are able to investigate account information page, this may be a way we take. As mentioned before though, this is not a high priority task for us as the account settings area works for most users and isn't an area we get much feedback on from our subscribers.

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4 days 18 hours ago #68060 by joomleb
Hi Alex,
thank you for your reply, "...this is not a high priority task for us as the account settings area works for most users..." = We are totally agree from a "User" point of view.

But it is not not the "Institutions and Governments", like first GDPR Europe ("test") point of view. They are very distressing with their changes in the last few years and with all their demands.
Among the requirements is expressly requested the "simple and direct accessibility to all user configurations in one place" so that he can at any time easily change datas and authorizations (as well as cancellation).

The "User plugin" is the standard Joomla solution that allows you to have everything in one place directly in the user's profile and 100% integrated.
I am not a developer, but I will try to run some test on next days and I'll report my results here (hoping they will be useful)
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