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4 weeks 14 hours ago #67236 by chramb1
I have a few sites with the beta. The updater is wonky as the XML files had bugs that haven't been updated, and there hasn't been a release/update in quite some time.

Can I get some clarity on where things stand?
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3 weeks 4 days ago #67239 by alzander
Replied by alzander on topic Where are we on this?
We released the JFBConnect v9 Beta as Joomla 4 was just about to enter the RC stage. Then, just after we released, Joomla changed their mind and switched from Bootstrap 4 to Bootstrap 5 and made some other underlying changes that pushed out the J4 release.

Originally, we planned to release the final JFBConnect v9 when Joomla 4 released, but that isn't possible anymore as J4 has not gone to RC yet. So, that has held things up a little from being fully finalized.

Going forward, we absolutely are planning JFBConnect v9 to be the mainline version and will be making it the 'stable' release over the coming weeks. There has been some really good feedback to fix some issues that users encountered, but overall, its seeming very stable for both Joomla 3.x and 4.0, which is what we wanted to verify by releasing the beta.

We appreciate your feedback and thank you for helping usher in this next release.

3 weeks 4 days ago #67242 by chramb1
Replied by chramb1 on topic Where are we on this?
Fantastic. Looking forward to it.

Gotta love our industry, huh? ;)
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