Joomla Two Factor Authentication Multi-Step Flow

Joomla 3.2 brought the addition of two-factor authentication to the login process. By using a one-time password while logging in with Joomla, you're providing a huge security improvement for your users. While two-factor authentication can be optional for each user, the secret key is always shown on the standard Joomla login form. To improve the login experience, the latest release of SCLogin, our improved Joomla Login module, will only show the one time password field to users who have enabled two factor authentication.

For a quick video demonstration of the new features, check out the quick 30-second video below:


As you can see, after the user enters their username and password and tries to login, they will be presented with the Secret Key field only if their account has two factor authentication enabled. For other users that haven't enabled the additional security check, they will be immediately logged in.

The new secret key security check is very fast. The process is run over AJAX and uses the Joomla framework to bypass everything else in Joomla (plugins, modules, etc) to make the check for the secret key requirement extremely responsive.

Multiple Layouts

The SCLogin module supports both a Joomla modal login popup, for a more modern look and reduced space requirements, as well as the standard inline mode. You'll have the flexibility to add the module wherever you want, and customize it's looks and features with plenty of options.

Try it Out Now. For Free!

The SCLogin module is completely free and works for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. So go ahead and get it now!

Alex Andreae

Alex co-founded SourceCoast Web Development in 2008. Based in sunny Florida, SourceCoast develops extensions for integrating your Joomla powered website with popular social networks. He has spoken at more than a dozen Joomla User Groups and Joomla Days, including the Joomla World Conference in both 2012 and 2013. Topics have included social networking for Joomla, running a business around Joomla extensions, and Joomla development.

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