JFBConnect v4.2 Out Now - Up and Running in 5 minutes!

JFBConnectThe newest release of JFBConnect is out now, and has everything you need for Facebook integration on your Joomla site. This version has everything in it from a new auto-configuration tool that can get you up-and-running in 5 minutes to Virtuemart 2 and Alpha User Points integration to speed improvements to automated updates. We're proud of how well-received this release has been for the last week for our users, and are excited to call it the most stable release yet!

So what's new and important in this release? Take the guided tour below.

Autotune - Auto Configuration Utility

Autotune - Facebook App

Working with Facebook in the past has involved creating a Facebook Application, configuring it, and constantly monitoring for new migration values, new options, and other changes. Additionally, Facebook changes the layout of their Application area constantly, which is hard for us to document, and difficult for our users to stay on top of.

No longer! With JFBConnect v4.2, once you create an application on Facebook, JFBConnect will manage all the settings for you. The Autotune utility can communicate with SourceCoast.com to get the latest recommended settings and make sure your application runs smoothly.

Autotune - Error Check

Autotune - Error CheckOur support has earned itself a great reputation. However, it's even better when you can diagnose and fix issues without every having to contact us!

With the new remote error check, JFBConnect can analyze your site for common mis-configuration issues or conflicts with other extensions. Detailed information and recommendations are provided when issues are encountered, so you can get your site fixed up as soon as possible!

Alpha User Points Integration

Alpha User Points IntegrationLong requested, finally fulfilled! Now you can reward your users with points for the following actions:

  • Clicking the Facebook Like button
  • Posting a Facebook Comment
  • Sending a Facebook Request (invitation) to their friends. 

Just install the AUP XML files, assign the points for each action and done!

Virtuemart 2 Profile Integration

Virtuemart 2 IntegrationOur Virtuemart 1 integration has been hugely popular to let your users quickly create accounts and have their profile information imported automatically. Now, you can do the same with Virtuemart 2! Let your users register on your site with one click and import their name, city, state, country, and more automatically! If you're selling anything using Virtuemart, you want this Facebook integration.

Speed Improvements

The implementation of the Facebook Javascript API has been overhauled and optimized to wring every last bit of speed out of it. In many cases, there is load time improvement of up to 1 second per page!

Much More

In addition to all of the above, there have been over 60 other notable feature improvements and bugfixes. Check out the full changelog for all the changes in this big release!

If you aren't a subscriber, now's a great time to start using JFBConnect. With the new auto-configuration tool, you can be up and running in as little as 5 minutes!

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