JFBConnect 4.0: More Social. More Features. You Need This!

 JFBConnect 4.0JFBConnect 4.0 is out now, and packs a punch! New authentication scheme. Google +1, Twitter, and LinkedIn Share buttons. Improved K2 and Joomla support for Likes & Comments. Speed improvements. Bug fixes. Oh my! That's Facebook for Joomla Integration! With v3.4, we added Facebook Page & Canvas support, K2 content integration for automatic Likes & Comments, and tons of other features. Less than a month later, JFBConnect is delivering a slew of new improvements and optimizations to the best Joomla Facebook suite.

So what's in this new release?

Updated facebook authentication for Joomla

The main reason for this release (and the major version number change) is due to an update in the Facebook authentication system to use OAuth2. This new system will be required by Facebook in October. If you're using JFBConnect's registration/login functionality, you'll need to upgrade to JFBConnect 4.0 as soon as possible to make sure you're ready for the switch. However, there's a whole lot more in 4.0 than just some under-the-hood changes to authentication!

Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +1 social buttons

Our user's asked for it, and now you've got it! In addition to the Facebook Comments and Facebook LIke button, you can now automatically add the Google +1, LinkedIn, and Twitter Share buttons to your Joomla Articles or K2 Content! These buttons will automatically take on the style of your Facebook like button for standard, box-count, or button-count. See them in action at the bottom of this article!

Big code improvements for speed and future development

While not always as exciting to hear about as big new features, this release has a ton of improvements behind the scenes. We've really peeled back the code and overhauled things for big speed and logic improvements, reduced Javascript, improved search engine optimization, and lots of other tidying up. JFBConnect has grown quickly over the last 3 years, and these improvements will help to ensure the same great improvements over the next few years!

Used by Joomla.org. No-risk guarantee. What are you waiting for?

JFBConnect is used on the Joomla Extension Directory for Facebook Login, and comes with a 30-day money back guaratnee. If you aren't already using the most powerful Facebook integration extension for Joomla, now's a great time to add more users to your site and getting your site noticed!

For all the features in this version, see our changelog. Or to get, JFBConnect, use the easy buttons below:

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