Did Your "Facebook Invite Friends" Feature Stop Working?

We've recently heard some reports from users about the Facebook Invite Friends feature no longer working on some Joomla sites. If your Facebook Invite Friends features has stopped working, please ensure you have upgraded to JFBConnect's newer Facebook Request system which was introducted in January this year with version 4.1. 

Using Facebook to let your users invite their friends to your site can be an invaluable tool to grow your site quickly. Since it uses social sharing, it's proven that these methods of engagement have a higher click-through rate and are overall higher quality than many other promotional campaigns. Above all, using the Facebook invitation system is free!

JFBConnect has supported an invitation feature since version 1.0, since we know that invitation and request integration can be critical to your site. However, the original JFBCInvite module no longer works due to some recent Facebook changes. If you need Friend Invites, you are highly recommended to upgrade to the new Requests system that JFBConnect added in January to v4.1.

Facebook Requests for Joomla

With the release of JFBConnect v4.1, we moved to Facebook's newer Request system. This greatly enhanced system allows for full tracking of invitations to users so you can see who sent, who received, and who read each invitation. Additionally, with the latest v4.2 release, we've included Alpha Users Points integration so that you can reward your users for inviting their friends! Take a look at the tracking abilities you'll have when you upgrade to JFBConnect's Request integration:

Facebook Request Tracking for Joomla

Using Another Facebook Integration Extension?

If you're relying on another Joomla extension for Facebook integration, and it's Facebook features recently stopped working, you should ask yourself if you're using the right extension? Facebook announced that the old invite system would break over 6 months ago. If they didn't upgrade such a critical feature with more than 6 months notice, Facebook integration for Joomla isn't a critical feature for that extension. If it is important for you and your site's growth, remember that you can always rely on JFBConnect!

Facebook Requests Requirements

Facebook Requests require your Facebook Canvas area to be configured properly, which JFBConnect will automatically setup for you using the Autotune utility. Additionally, to utilize the new Facebook Requests feature, your site will need a dedicates SSL certificate. If you need to setup SSL, see our SSL certifcates for Facebook guide which can show you how to get one for as little as $12 / year!

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