Configuration Guide

Setting up Sendy integration is meant to be a pretty easy process. Our Sendy extension is new, so this document probably won't cover every aspect of integration. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


To install, use the Joomla installation manager to install the file as you would any other Joomla extension.

Initial Setup

Before you can add a newsletter signup form or integrate Sendy integration using PHP into a 3rd party extension, you must configure the Sendy System Plugin. Go to the Joomla Plugin Manager and edit the System - Sendy plugin. Make sure you've configured the following settings:

  • Sendy URL - This is the full URL to your Sendy standalone installation. For example:
  • List #x ID - The List ID provided by Sendy. This is an alphanumeric string that doesn't make much sense just looking at it (ex. zksjl4492j3lla)
  • List #x Name - This is a 'pretty' name for the ID specified to make it easier to configure other modules and plugins without having to memorize the List ID

Setup as many Lists as you want in the System - Sendy plugin.

When done configuring your Sendy URL and lists, make sure you've published the System - Sendy Plugin

Auto-Subscribing New Users

To auto-subscribe new users to a list on registration, configure the User - Sendy plugin. In the "Basic Options" simply select the List Name (defined in the System - Sendy plugin) that you want all new users to be subscribed to.

When done configuring the User - Sendy plugin, make sure you've published it.

Adding a Newsletter Signup Module

To allow users to subscribe to your newsletter from the front-end you'll need to create an instance of the Sendy module. This module will show a simple "Email" field and Submit button. All submissions will be processed with AJAX and update the page without requiring a refresh.

To configure, edit the module settings. In the Basic Options the following fields are available:

  • List Id - The name of the list that users will be subscribed to when submitting the form
  • Intro Text - Text to display before the signup area of the module. This field accepts HTML formatted text