Extension Developers

Looking for an extension that will work great with JFBConnect, SCLogin or any of our other extensions? Want something that's no-hassle and will have great support, should you need it? View our Joomla extension partners for some great recommendations.

JoomUnited provides a range of extensions for galleries, file management, SEO, and general site management. Their products are well coded and, most importantly, very well supported.

JomSocial is one of the largest and most powerful community extensions for Joomla. When initially released in 2010, it redefined how a community could be built on your site with user profiles, groups, albums and more. It also has built-in integration for JFBConnect. With the flip of one setting, you'll have social network integratoin between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google immediately available to your community site.

JReviews is the ultimate review extension for Joomla. If you are building a site where listings and reviews are a core component, JReviews is a top-notch solution. Built with a versatile CCK system at it's core, it has all the functionality you could need to promote listings, get feedback from users and even run your own user-generated content directory.

StackIdeas develops powerful blogging and community extensions for Joomla. Their primary products, EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and Komento, can grow engagement in your conversations with users quickly. We even use EasyBlog on SourceCoast.com to power our blog. Their most recent addition, EasySocial, is a community suite for building your own on-site social network. It also has deep integration abilities with JFBConnect.