1 Click Registration etc

1 Click Registration etc

Seems like an amazing product but just a few questions before I buy.

1) When I logged into this site with my FB credentials it was not 1 click. I then had to complete a registration including choosing a username and password, yet your feature list says 1 click, username automatically generated. What is happening.

2) When I buy, does the component come unbranded. No powered by JFBConnect or sourcecoast everywhere?

3) Where can I see a website demo of FB Facepile please?

4) Is there a live demo site showing all the social widgets working, or a real customer site?

Many thanks, Mike.

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Re: 1 Click Registration etc

There's 2 options for registration within JFBConnect:
Auto-Registration - This can be a little bit of a misnomer because, yes, it can be more than one click. The process is:
Click the Login With Facebook button
If you aren't logged into Facebook, enter your Facebook credentials in a pop-up
If you haven't already approved the site's application, tell Facebook that you allow it
JFBConnect will automatically generate a username for the user (Yours on this site is: fb_100000552265523, and your name was pulled in automatically)

Full registration - This is where the user does all of the above, but is then asked to create an account, or associate their Facebook account to an existing Joomla account on the site.
You can see this method in action on our demo site: http://sourcecoast.com/jfbconnect/demo

I'm not sure what you saw when you registered, but I think if you try the demo site, you'll see the difference. There shouldn't have been any page, on this site, where you were required to enter a username, password, email address, etc.

2) There are some links that can show up in the front-end. However, they are completely configurable through parameters in the component. There is nothing that you will have to 'hack' out in any way.

3-4) Demos of all modules can be seen on either of the pages below, we use different settings in a few places for some of the modules, just to show some of the different parameters. The JFBCFriends module is what we call the Facepile widget. Please note, you must be logged in to see it work, and have friends on the site.
http://www.sourcecoast.com/jfbconnect/d … tion-guide

Hope this helps, but if you have any other questions, just let us know!

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Re: 1 Click Registration etc

Hi alzander

Thanks for the reply, 1-click registration is not a misnomer. Even with an existing Facebook account the one click does not do anything to register someone. They still then have to choose a username and password and then agreee to their Facebook credentials being used in order to create their registration account. Why do you not just simply describe it accurately as a fast way of registration because it pulls in a lot of fields automatically? 1-click registration is misrepresentation.of the process and it wasted a lot of our time trying to work out what combination of being logged into FB would produce 1-click registration, when it is simply not possible?

The Friends/Facepile module does not work as you said it would - both logged in and both friends. We wasted ages till we found out that you also have to both 'Like' the page before it will show FB avatars. We are wasting a lot of our expensive time just trying to find out how things work because you are not telling us how they work properly. (attachment shows Mike Welsh and Mike Jones, both logged in and friends, but no avatars)

Are there any other of the social plugins that do not work as you describe them that we need to know about?

Why have you not pulled across the FB Developer Login button which shows any Friends that are loggeg in ? Or this is what you are calling Facepile/Friends?

All this wasted time because you do not tell us the truth the first time has considerably reduced our confidence in your company as providing good code which is accurately described and easy to implement.

You have just lifted the FB developer code for these plugins which is free. Why should we buy your package rather than just use the FB code for the modules we want ourselves?

Thank you Mike Welsh.

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Re: 1 Click Registration etc

The 'quick' registration, or whatever you want to call it, does not require you to create a username or password. That is created automatically.  I'm not sure where or how you put in a password, but if you try to log in the "joomla way" using the login area above, it won't work. We have this site setup in the 1-click registration mode, which means your username was automatically generated (fb_100000552265523) and you have no password here.

If you try on the demo site, you'll be able to create a separate username and password, through which you can then log back in using just Joomla (and not Facebook), should you chose.

Regarding the Friend/Facepile module, since you knew about it in the first place, I figured you knew how it works. For more information, see:
http://developers.facebook.com/docs/ref … /facepile/
Yes, it can be setup to work by either showing friends who have liked a URL or friends who are signed up for the site. On the demo site and our configuration guide we have the href parameter set. I just changed the configuration for the configuration guide, so now it shows all friends who have approved the application. This was a matter of change:
{JFBCFriends href=http://www.sourcecoast.com} to {JFBCFriends} (removing the URL makes it default to friends who approved the application)

All of the plugins work as we describe them, and if you can point out a spot where something we've written is not accurate, we'll happily fix it. However, everything you've pointed out as being wrong so far has not been accurate.

Regarding the Login button showing friends, Facebook recently changed how this operates, and we simply couldn't get it working right in a way we were satisfied with. Yours is the first request for it, and it's something we'll be looking into, but it's not a high priority for us or our user base right now. When we make modifications to our code, we test it rigorously to make sure it will work across a broad range of browsers and hosting environments, and we simply were not satisfied with the updates to the Login plugin Facebook made.

Finally, regarding subscribing, you are under no obligation to purchase our package. We make things simple, but yes, anyone can build their own if they so choose. It's taken 2 years of development to have all the features JFBConnect has, there's no 'register with Joomla' plugin that's free from Facebook, and for the social widgets that you can implement 'freely', we make much simpler to work in a Joomla environment. One, of many, examples is Facebook Comments.. yes, you can directly drop the Facebook widget code into your Joomla site. However, JFBConnect will automatically use the canonical URL for a page, work with separate SEF extensions, and prevent a lot of issues that are under-the-hood for integration with Facebook. We can also add the first image of your article as the Open Graph image tag, and a few other 'niceties' when it comes to describing your page to Facebook. Can you do this all yourself, absolutely. Is it worth $50? That's completely up to you.

When you realize all the headaches that come with going it alone, or with another extension, we'll still be here and more than happy to take your subscription and support you with any issues you encounter.

Best of luck to you, and please, when you find an error in our wording or documentation, please call out exactly where you think we're mis-speaking. We'll correct it immediately, and apologize if we are indeed wrong.

If you use our extensions, please consider leaving a rating and review at the Joomla! Extension Directory:
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