Password synchronization with Facebook

Password synchronization with Facebook


First of all your component sounds terrific. A couple of questions.
We currently use CB and when a customers changes their password, it updates their cloud service on our server. This way, they have one place to manage their password and log into their server anytime. Questions:

1, How is the password kept in sync with Facebook, if we allow users to create an account using their Facebook. For example, if they login to our site using their Facebook account, then a new account is created and all data from Facebook is brought over. This is fine, if we set the field to 'no' to not create a joomla account. Now if they change the password in Facebook, how does it change on our site? Do they have to change it here manually also, or does the component auto update the password here. Also, does this work in reverse, if they changed password on our site, does it update their facebook account?

2. If the flag is set to yes and a seperate Joomla account is created? Do they now have 2 account profiles in CB?

Thanks in advance for your quick response.


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Re: Password synchronization with Facebook

1) The password on Facebook is never 'seen' on your site. itself takes care of asking the user their password and verifying that it's correct.  When they do, they send JFBConnect a notification that the user connected is indeed user 'john' or whoever.  On the JFBConnect side, we always know that 'john' is connected to the 'john' Joomla user of your site.  Therefore, if their password changes, on either site, it doesn't affect this connection or cause any other problems.

As for the cloud services, I'm not sure how that may be affected, but frankly, it shouldn't.  When the user updates their Joomla password, your cloud service should be updated however that's normally done.  When they update their Facebook password, you'll never know or care.

2) Nope.  Just one.  If the "Create New User" setting is set to yes OR no, a Joomla user is created.  When it's set to Facebook Only, the type is just slightly different, and can't set their own Joomla password.  Other than that, they're treated the exact same as every other Joomla user.  In all cases, CB connects to this Joomla user as well... so "john" on Facebook is connected to "john" in Joomla.  And "john" in CB is connected to this same user.. so you'd see only one, and they'd be all the same.

Hope that's not too confusing, and hope this answers your question.

If you have any other questions, you know where to find us!

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