Requests and Invitations

Facebook Requests let users share pages from your site back to their friends' Facebook profile with one click. You can configure it as a Joomla module to pull in the Facebook Request image or link, or our easy-tag system for even more flexibility.

Multiple Ways to Include a Request

The Facebook Request is one of the most powerful ways to get your site, or fan page, noticed in Facebook. That's why it's important to have Requests on every page you want shared back with others, and that's why JFBConnect makes adding Facebook Requests a snap!

JFBCRequest Module

The Facebook Request Joomla module is a simple way, using the Joomla administration area, to add a Request to multiple pages or sections of your site at once. You can easily set the request text and callback URL in the backend. You can consolidate your pages to use the same request or have individual requests for different page content.

JFBCRequest Easy-Tag

For maximum flexibility, you can use the JFBConnect easy-tag for a Facebook Request as well. Simply insert the following code into any article, custom HTML module, or template, and JFBConnect will translate it to the Request with the configuration options you want:

{JFBCRequest request_id=1 link_image=http://www.sourcecoast.com/images/jfbconnect/home_jfbconn.png}
{JFBCRequest request_id=1 link_text=Invite Friends to this Site}

For more information on how to configure requests on your site, please visit our Facebook Request guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not satisfied, can I get a refund?

We have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied, you can easily get your money back.

Do you have renewal discounts?

Yes! When your subscription is set to expire, your subscription will automatically renew with 30% off the full price. You can cancel the auto-renewal at any time by going to the My Account > My Subscriptions area.

Can I modify your files? Are they encrypted?

There is no encryption on any of our files. You are free to make any modifications you'd like to our source code.

What do I get with my subscription?

Your subscription includes access to the following benefits for the 6 month subscription period:

  • The current and any new releases made available while your subscription is active
  • Priority technical support for any questions you may have
  • The automatic configuration tool which will setup your Facebook Application and check for common configuration issues.

If my subscription expires, can I continue using the extension?

Yes! If you've cancelled subscription auto-renewal, our extensions will continue working after your subscription expires. Once expired, you will lose access to new releases, support and the use of our auto-configuration tools.

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