Creating an Open Graph Action

Create the "cook" Action

When you click the "Save Changes" button above, you'll be brought back to the Open Graph -> Types area and see your newly created object. Now, we need to create the "Cook" action to go along with our "Recipe". Click the "Add a New Action" button, and a popup like below will appear:

Open Graph Action creation

Click "Submit", and you'll see a settings window. At the bottom, you'll see the "Capabilities" area, which allow your action to post additional information from the user such as a custom message, place or people tags as well as the Explicitly Shared option:

Open Graph Action Capabilities

A description of each capability is shown to the side of each option. Please note the following:

  • Select only the options you plan to use, or make sense, for your action and that you plan to use. You can always add more capabilities later.
  • JFBConnect does not currently support the User Generated Photos option
  • Setting more capabilities will increase the work of the approval process from Facebook.

Hit "Save Changes" and the page will reload with an additional notice at the top (depending on the capabilities you've selected)

Open Graph Action capability approval status

That's it in Facebook

At this point, you've created your object and action in Facebook. Now, you need to use JFBConnect to apply those objects to your content and configure how the actions will work on them.

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