Making Facebook Graph API Calls in Joomla

The Facebook Graph API lets you make many calls for getting information about user's on your site. JFBConnect wraps this API into our own library, which makes it use more Joomla functionality and more easily report errors using the Joomla error messages. Read on for how to make these calls inside Joomla.

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Creating a Profile Plugin

Creating your own profile plugin should be a pretty simple process. JFBConnect has been developed to take care of most of the communication with different social networks automatically when your profile plugin has been developed properly.

Read this if you're looking for an explanation of how to integrate JFBConnect within your component for Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn profile importing.

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Posting To User's Wall

Posting to a user's Facebook wall from Joomla can be a powerful way to promote your site. Care should be taken when doing so to make sure you follow Facebook's terms.

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Social Stream
Hide, Seek & Defuse

Handheld Electronic Game

Alex from SourceCoast is working on a new electronic game for kids called Countdown. It's a timed game of Hide & Seek with mini-games (Whack-a-Mole, Simon, etc) to complete when you find it.

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