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Sending Requests

Once your request has been created, there are 2 ways to send these to users: Application Requests, sent from the admin area to selected users, and Friend Requests, which are sent from the front-end by your visitors to their friends.

Application Requests

These requests are sent from the admin area of Joomla and can be sent to any (or all) users that have approved your Facebook application and linked their FB account to a Joomla account on your site. These requests are the same type of requests that Games or other Facebook applications send to notify you of updates (new farm supplies in Farmville), status ("It's your move"), or other events to be aware of. Sending these to your users are a great way to let them know about new things happening on your site, like a new blog post, promotion, or other event that you want to tell them about.

After the Request is created, as described above, you can simply hit the "Send To All Users" button in the Toolbar. In the next view, you'll be able to review the data that will be sent. Once you're ready to send, hit the "Send Requests" button at the bottom. A progress indicator will appear and update with the number of requests that have been successfully sent. Do not navigate away from this page while the requests are being sent! Once all the requests have been sent, you will see a "Messages Sent!" notice.

Friend/User Requests

These requests are displayed on your site and intiated by your guests. These are a great way to get your user's to promote your site or content for you. To include a request that you've created, you can either use the SCSocialWidget module configured as Facebook -> Request or the JFBConnect Easy-Tags, as specified below:

{JFBCRequest request_id=1 link_text=Invite Friends} - This will insert a text link
{JFBCRequest request_id=1 link_image=http://site.com/image.png} - An image link for the request

When clicked, a nice popup will show with the user's Facebook friends displayed. The user can select as many friends as they want to send the Request too.

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