Facebook Requests

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Request Tracking

All requests, regardless of whether they were sent as Application or Friend requests, are tracked in JFBConnect. By clicking into the Request in the admin area, you can see the stats for how many times the request has been sent, been acted upon by the receiver, and how many requests have expired. A request expires if it is not acted upon by the user within 14 days of sending it.

There are multiple times that Facebook will not allow the tracking of requests though. In the following cases, a request will not be marked as "Read" even if accepted by the user:

  • You do not have an SSL certificated (https://) enabled on your site. Facebook will not send user identifiable information over an unencrypted connection. Without the user ID, JFBConnect can not determine which request is being read.
  • The user accepting the request has not already approved your Facebook application (logged into your site using Facebook). Facebook will not pass a user's ID to your site unless they've already approved your application to have that information.

Therefore, the "Read" count should be considered a minimum of the number of Requests that have actually been acted upon.

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