Initial Configuration

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SCLogin Module

Once all of the basic steps before this are complete, you should configure and publish the SCLogin module that was installed with the component. With this module, users can easily log into your site using their social network credentials!

  • When a social network's Application ID and Secret Key are filled out (as discussed in the Autotune section of this guide) and the SCLogin > Social Button Settings > 'Show Social Login Button(s)' option is set to Show, the social login buttons will be displayed in the SCLogin module on your front-end.
  • Note: The SCLogin module replaces the older JFBCLogin module in JFBConnect v4.1. Please use the newer SCLogin module.


In addition to (or as an alternative to) the SCLogin module, JFBConnect allows you to place the "Login With Facebook" button using the {JFBCLogin} tag (or SCGoogleLogin, SCTwitterLogin or JLinkedLogin for Google, Twitter and LinkedIn respectively). This allows you to put a login button in any component, module, article, or template file on your site very easily.

Custom Login Buttons

For more advanced integration, please see the other sections in our Documentation section like custom images for the Login button. If you have problems with these basic configuration sections, please check our "JFBConnect Common Support Questions" area.

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