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I know that it says that there is 3.0.2 verifying on the JED, but when I installed version 2.1.1 (for J2.5 as I couldn't see a 3.0 version) when I go to the component in the backend I get an error:

An error has occurred.

404 Component not found

Any thoughts please?

Many thanks,

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9 years 1 month ago #28943 by alzander
Very sorry about that. We updated the XML files to support Joomla 3.x, but didn't finalize some of the updates for the component itself to actually work in Joomla 3.x. We'll be fixing soon as we're updating a lot of our extensions to support Joomla 3.x over the next few weeks.

Sorry for the confusion on that, we'll update the JED listing now to make sure others don't run into the same issue until VVT is properly ready for Joomla 3.x.

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9 years 1 month ago #28944 by DavidBoggitt

No worries and thanks for confirming the issue! Look forward to the 3.0 version.

Best wishes,

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