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1 week 4 days ago - 1 week 4 days ago #68230 by djc1
Using Version 9.0.215  on Yoothem Pro theme. SClogin module on the home page is not allowing keyboard typing. It accepts autofill for the username and password only. We've just noticed this issue and wonder if it's related to the version upgrade. We are using auto-update so we don't have the previous version to roll back to and test if that's the issue. Can you provide a link to download the previous version please? Any other thoughts/ideas are of course welcome also. Thanks.

UPDATE: We identified the issue as a text color issue e.g. white text on white page. We were able to roll back to version xx.181 which fixed the text color issue. Will continue to investigate what caused the conflict but have stopped auto updates for SC Login for now. If you have insights, that would be welcome.
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1 week 14 hours ago #68238 by mel
What version of Joomla are you running? Which theme in ScLogin are you using and/or did you make your own theme override? Do you have anywhere we can see the SCLogin 9.0.215 behavior with your template, like a dev/test site since you rolled back? It sounds like a CSS issue and the quickest way to identify if there's a change conflicting with your template is to use the browser's developer tools to inspect. 181 is from a year ago, so without seeing the behavior live, it may take some time to investigate the color issue.

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1 week 9 hours ago #68242 by djc1
Joomla 3.10.11 I have a Loom video which shows the issue persisting with SC Login's latest version.

If you need site access, please advise how to get it to you securely.
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6 days 11 hours ago #68243 by mel
You can use the Contact Us form to send the information.
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4 days 5 hours ago #68249 by mel
After inspecting the elements on your page, the input text does not show up because the font-size is 0. I did not have to

Can you try adding this to your theme (you can do a theme override here or just temporarily add it to the default theme that you're using)?
.sclogin .input-append {
    font-size: 16px;

Let me know how it goes and we'll have to test further before adding it to the theme for the next release.

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