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4 months 3 weeks ago #67735 by pscarnegie
Couple of questions regarding the SCLogin module.

1) Is it fully compatible with PHP 8? The current version of PHP will be at EOL this time next year and I need to future proof a bit.
2) Is it possible - and if so how - to utilize the component from within a pre-existing dropdown structure, instead of as a primary element within the nav? I'd like to place it under a currently existing "member" menu option with other elements.
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4 months 2 weeks ago #67741 by alzander
1) We have done some testing with PHP8 and made a few adjustments to both the SCLogin module and JFBConnect where necessary. In general, PHP8 is a replacement for PHP7, so not much needed to change. However, we're always listening to our users as conflicts do arise here and there and we will fully support and fix any issues related to PHP8 if they arise.

2) I'm not fully sure what you mean here. The SCLogin module is a module like any other, which means it generally has to have a module position to go into. There are other extensions out there that can add module positions into menu items and other areas that they normally don't go in Joomla, and we've heard of many cases where this has worked. There are many options, but we've used Modules Anywhere on some projects. It's not necessarily point-and-click, but very powerful to allow you customizations as needed.

I hope that helps,
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