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Hi. I am using a plugin for the Mautic automated marketing system. When it is enabled i get the following error when trying to login with LinkedIn or Facebook.  Is there anyway this can co-exist with jfb?

Notice: Undefined index: oauth in /home/ban/public_html/plugins/system/mautic/lib/Mautic/Auth/OAuth.php on line 443

You can visit https://github.com/mautic/mautic-joomla … mla-plugin for more information regarding the mautic plugin.


May-27-16 08:35:14
Fail: JFBCSystem plugin is enabled
Category: JFBConnect

Hi, working now. was an issue with unpublished menu items. Thanks for all your help!

May-27-16 07:31:15
Fail: JFBCSystem plugin is enabled
Category: JFBConnect

Hi When i login it takes me to http://ban.aero i have it set to redirect to http://ban.aero/business-aviation-network-dashboard. If i login with username and password i arrive to the correct url.

May-26-16 20:31:40
Fail: JFBCSystem plugin is enabled
Category: JFBConnect

Hi, i am having an issue with Login with LinkedIn. After login it redirects to the site index page instead of the page i selected in the module config. The autotune says that the system plugin is not enabled hoe ever it is. Please see the attached images.

Working now. There was a mis configuration on the redirect settings.

Hi, I am getting the a 403 error when i login in with linkedin.

Test: JFBCSystem plugin is enabled
Fail: Not Detected! Please enable in the Site Config area of Autotune or in the Joomla plugin manager.

I already checked all the plugins and tried to exclude from jchoptomize.

Hi, i found out the the plugin for my template framework was causing the problem. When i disabled it everything works fine. Thanks for all your help.


Hi, I am having an issue with the login with linkedin button on my site.  When i click it the first time the page refreshes and all looks normal, however it does not log me in. when i click it again it then works properly and logs me in. So i have to click twice everytime  to get it to work. Any ideas what could be causing this. I thought it might be cache related but i turned off all the joomla cacheing and my cdn network plugin and that did not resolve the issue.

Dec-23-14 23:50:16
Custom LinkedIn login button not working
Category: JFBConnect

Ok,thanks! it was my firewall adding the extra dash. Thanks for all your help

Dec-22-14 15:25:08
Custom LinkedIn login button not working
Category: JFBConnect

Hmmm...not sure what that means. the original login with linkedin button works just fine?? In the old version of jfb connect i simply moused over the login button and copied that url to my custom image. This new version only shows javascript:void for the url.

Dec-22-14 10:31:47
Custom LinkedIn login button not working
Category: JFBConnect

Hi, I am trying to setup a custom button to login with linkedin. I am using the instructions found here:

https://www.sourcecoast.com/jfbconnect/ … gin-button

The button shows up but nothing happens when i click on it.?? Any ideas what i am doing wrong?


Hi, Well i guess that was simple enough. Thank you for sorting that out!! I left those unpublished because the plugin check section of the auto tune states as follows:

JFBCAuthentication: Required for Facebook authentication. Publish if you want users to be able to login using Facebook.

JFBCUser: Required for Facebook authentication. Publish if you want users to be able to login using Facebook.

I only use linkedin so i did not think i was required to publish the Facebook plugins.

Thanks again.

Hi, i sent you a PM with login credentials for my site. feel free to check and verify my settings. The lilnked api settings are the same. apparently linkedin has some new requirements for oath2 to work. Do i need to implement those settings?

Hi, Still having invalid subscription id.

There are no new users only users that migrated from jlinked.

Tried with a new user account and same result. is jfbconnect the same function as jlinked? i just want my users to click on the login with linkedin button and be logged into the site. Thats the way jlinked worked. If i have to deleat all the user and start over whats the point of the migration? I think i might need to get a refund on this an look for another solution

Hi, doubled checked my subscriber id and still getting invalid subscription. I then changed my password and tried the new id. same result.

I tried as you suggested and When i click on login with linkedin button it still takes me to the easysocial registration page with the message "please login first" I tried with multiple linkedin accounts and several users already setup to login with linkedin report the same issue.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. First of all i just upgraded from Jlinked to jfbconnect yesterday not sure if this has anything to do with this. Everything was working fine before the upgrade.

The auto tune claims that my subscription is not active??

I tried to login with a different linkedin account. The first time it took me to the linkedin authorization page, i filled in the information then was taken to my home page still not logged in. Tried again and after the linkedin authorization page it takes me to the easysocial login page with a message that says "please login first"

debug does not show anything, but maybe i do not know where to look

Tried with IE explore and chrome, same results.

Hi, when i click on the login with linkedin button nothing happens. The same page just refreshes and i am not logged in.


Jul-03-14 15:27:29
site not working after upgrade
Category: JFBConnect

Hi, ran the migration and  this no longer an issue. Thanks

Jul-03-14 15:19:15
site not working after upgrade
Category: JFBConnect

Hello, I just upgraded to jfbconnect. getting the following on my index page:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method SCSocialUtilities::getCurrentReturnParameter() in /home/qingzhen/public_html/components/com_jlinked/libraries/linkedin.php on line 53

Aug-31-13 10:37:22
login module mis alignment

This issue has been resolved

Aug-31-13 09:57:39
login module mis alignment

Hello , How can i fix the misalignment in the login module
shown in the attached image. I used to be able to do this via the module ccs file, however this no longer seems to be the case.

Bright Ibeawuchi

Ok, Thanks for the response. I was able to modify my template to get the fit i needed. Thanks!

Bright Ibeawuchi

Where do i find the css file for the linkedin member profile module? The width setting for the module seems to have no effect.

Bright Ibeawuchi

Feb-17-12 21:51:11
redirected to the native joomla login instead of the community builder

Hello, I am having issues with users being redirected to the native joomla login instead of the community builder registration page. When i use the CB login module all login or registration links are redirected to the CB page. Now it is redirecting to the default joomla registration/login page. Is there a setting i am missing?

Bright Ibeawuchi

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