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Hi Alex,

I do not use any 3rd party extension for SEF purposes, as I said, the site is quite virgin.

Please find the extensions installed:
- Akeeba Backup
- Event Booking
- JCE Editor Pro
- JFB Connect

- SIGE - Simple Image Gallery Extended
- Regular Labs - Sourcerer
- JFB plugins
- Event Booking plugins

I just installed a new browser called "Brave" for testing. I activated Joomla SEF functionality and used the newly setup browser to log in. Same problem... not working. After that I disabled Joomla SEF and tried again. It worked as it should. So I think we may rule out a browser caching problem.

If you would like to have a closer look I would be happy to provide you Super User access.

Hello Alex,
Thank you for coming back so quickly, I really appreciate!

I tried all the options you mentioned, turned of the Joomla caching over by the Global Configuration (the Page Cache plugin was already disabled) and as well the SEF Urls.

I tried various variants and it seems, the point "Search Engine Friendly URLs" must be be turned off all together... which is a real pity current/sad

Now, that we have identified the culprit, how do we proceed?

Thanks for your appreciated help!


Please bear with me, I am rather new to this topic of social media login.

I tried to follow all the instructions for setting up JFBConnect, with the goal to just let the users register and log in through Facebook and Instagram.
Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work as I saw it working on your www.sourcecoast.com site, where a new user registers via Facebook / Instagram and gets immediate access.

I would like to register and grant access in the same moment. At this point my site http://mvbindulgences.io allows only to register and to receive an E-Mail with the credentials, no direct login (even when the account exists).

As well I do receive often the Warning: The security token did not match. The request was aborted to prevent any security breach. Please try again.

Login via Instagram doesn't work as planned... Although I may get to the "Welcome XYZ" message, I may not gain access to the site and there is no main menu available to get back to the homepage.

I probably missed an option to turn this on... but, by the love of God, I can't find it!

Could you please have a look at it and, if necessary, I am happy to provide admin access at any time.

Nov-07-17 19:13:30
Facebook API Error: (#10), Please check your App ID and Secret Key, Could not communicate with...
Category: JFBConnect

Hello Melissa,
Thank you for your fast reply!

Yes, this did the trick for the Facebook problem, still, the "getAuthorization - Error: Could not communicate with SourceCoast.com to fetch up-to-date information." persists:

As I said, the site is up and running... Do you have any idea what is going on?

Nov-07-17 17:45:50
Facebook API Error: (#10), Please check your App ID and Secret Key, Could not communicate with...
Category: JFBConnect

I followed the tutorial on https://www.sourcecoast.com/jfbconnect/ … tion-setup for setting up the facebook login but I receive a bunch of errors:

Facebook API Error: (#10) Changing app settings through API calls has been disabled for this app. Go to your app's advanced settings to enable this.
Facebook Application configuration could not be loaded. Please check your App ID and Secret Key
getAuthorization - Error: Could not communicate with SourceCoast.com to fetch up-to-date information.

I can't find the "app settings through API calls" on the facebook developer site. Please point me to it.
I did check the App ID and Secret key, the match! Any ideas where I went wrong?
I copied / pasted the SourceCoast ID and my page is up and running

I am sure I do miss something and would be happy if somebody could be of some assistance or point me in the right direction!

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