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Thank you Melissa, and Thank you again Alex.

Sorry for being such a pain, but I have been working such long hours that at times I can't even remember my own name.

But I will implement your suggestions today. I am happy to know that JFBConnect provided this avenue for customization.

Oh yes one thing that wasn't mentioned and that is that there is a language/xx-XX/override.ini file in both the site side and the admin side that need to be edited if the labels are going to be the same in admin as they are on the site.

By the way, Kieth at CloudAccess says that you are a great company and really great to work with and that I would have no trouble identifying the cause of that fatal error by working with you guys.

Oh yes those log files that show the fatal error, I will hunt that down and get it to you today as well.

Yes we did have that conversation about language overrides before and you informed me where the Joomla .ini file is so that I can correct for browser rendering errors. I should have used the Joomla Language Manager instead and then went into the Joomla .ini file and corrected for the browser rendering issue.

Just to confirm, the overrides are stored at /language/overrides/xx-XX/xx-XX.override.ini for each language. As long as there aren't too many overrides, this approach is OK, But if someone were to make comprehensive overrides to many of the token="string" pairs in many languages in many of the components, modules and plugins, this would quickly get unwieldy. It would have been better to create directories or folders for each of the component, module and plugin text file language overrides just as in /language/xx-XX/ in order to preserve some kind of order in the event that particular edits needed to be made in the case I presented. And it is usually much faster to edit a text file than it is to go through a user interface, especially if you are using something like SublimeText III that flags errors very effectively. But this prevents typos from bringing down the system, I guess.

Sorry I mentioned this, because that was just an observation of the fact that since I edited the language file directly I lost my edits I wasn't thinking when I asked this queston a second time. But thanks for reminding me again.

What I really wanted to know is where I put custom icon.png and icon-label.png files for each of the Social Media providers such that they are picked up by JFBConnect and used instead of the standard JFBConnect Social Media icon images.

As far as the fatal error I will look at the logs and find it and then send it your way, I guess through this thread.

I want to replace the JFBConnect Icon set with icons designed to work with the scheme of the site, but I don't know where to put those such that JFBConnect will pick them up other than putting them in /media/sourcecoast/images/provider/name-of-social-media-provider/icon.png, icon-label.png

I wouldn't ask this except that JFBConnect threw a fatal error and I ended up with a website that consisted of a blank white page. So after a call to CloudAccess being told that JFBConnect was the culprit, I re-installed JFBConnect and everything returned to normal, but I lost my icons and .ini file label edits. JFBConnect doesn't seem to pick up language overrides when they are placed in /templates/911truthoutreach/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_jfbconnect.ini or /templates/911truthoutreach/language/en-GB/en-GB.mod_sclogin.ini., So I edited the /language/en-GB files directly.

Nov-20-14 13:36:30
Joomla User Profile Fields Not Showing on Registration Page and K2 User Profile Fields are...
Category: JFBConnect

  1. First, com_users/model/forms/profile.xml, is identical to com_jsn/model/forms/profile.xml

  2. there is a com_users/model/forms/registration.xml file, but I can't find the EasyProfile equivalent. The com_users/model/forms/registration.xml file is identical to profile.xml

I will let you know what I find out as I find this out.

I see that there are fields added in User Management Facebook ID, Twitter ID, Google Plus ID, and LinkedIn ID and I believe that these are added by EasyProfile.

I think I am just going to go with this, the formatting that I applied to the Joomla registration and user profile edit form are applied here because EasyProfile uses the same class and id names. As I understand more I will deal with getting the EasyProfile Social Media ids fields populated with what JFBConnect returns from querying the user's Social Media accounts.

I think I am going to start building my own online community because of the problems with the main stream Social Media offerings. Jacob Applebaum has said FaceBook should be called StasiBook. Tor is starting to look interesting and I have downloaded Jitsi to replace Skype.

I really look to the Open source community to carry the day in hte area of our ability to communicate with each other going forward.

Nov-19-14 22:34:25
Joomla User Profile Fields Not Showing on Registration Page and K2 User Profile Fields are...
Category: JFBConnect

Another thank You Alex. Thanks for the tip on the language overrides. You are probably correct that the web interface isn't representing the Unicode correctly.

We only have a handful of users right now so it isn't a big deal to connect all those users to their Social Media accounts as that should happen as new users register and elect to connect their user account to their Social Media account; i.e. we get confirmation from them that they want to do this.

As far as having all the user profiles from all the installed components on one page is a bit much, I would actually have to have them each on their own tab, a bit of overkill for what we need now. Besides the K2 component requires a lot of styling work to make the fields they contribute behave. This may change when K2 3.0 comes out, if it ever does, Foitis has been promising this for over a year now.

I have also enabled the EasyProfile plugin, and I am intrigued by this, it gives me a lot of control over user profile and I can add fields to the database and to the Joomla interface without having to manually hack com_users, which isn't difficult, but of course my work is lost when I upgrade and I would have to copy my hacked version of com_users for both the user side and the admin side back into their respective directories and then I have no guarantee that Joomla didn't change the structure of those files possibly making my hacked version break the site.

Is there any known issues with using EasyProfile together with JFBConnect that you are aware of. I like EasyProfile because I can order the fields any way I choose and add any fields unique to this site, and include an avatar as well. Now the question is will this work with JFBConnect. I will not be enabling the Social Media plugins that come with EasyProfile as I am totally sold on JFBConnect. EasyProfile just provides a slick way of creating really nice registration / edit my account pages.

Sorry to start down this different avenue, but EasyProfiles solves a lot of the deficiencies of the default Joomla Registration.

Nov-19-14 11:42:06
Joomla User Profile Fields Not Showing on Registration Page and K2 User Profile Fields are...
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks Alex. that removed a lot of possibilities and narrowed my targets down to a manageable number.

The Social Profiles - Joomla and Social Profiles - K2 plugins will *only* affect JFBConnect's component pages.

If I used the JFBConnect Registration Page, would it bring in the newsletter subscription check-box from Joomla Users, or would I have to modify, through an override, the JFBConnect plugin responsible for that? In your opinion, am I better off using the JFBConnect Registration flow rather than the Joomla registration flow. It will take ACYMailing two months to crank out the plugin I mentioned, in less time I could modify the JFBC plugin and add the ACYMailing code.

Again though, if you're using the Joomla registration page, whether the user gets there through a social network registration via JFBConnect or by going to that page directly, the page is controlled by Joomla and other plugins that modify it (like K2). JFBConnect *only* adds the social login buttons to that page if you have the "Integrate with Joomla Login" setting enabled. We don't add or remove any fields that are shown on that page.

Alex, in your opinion, what is the best approach to setting up the login - register -edit pages with JFBConnect?

If the K2 fields are appearing, you need to configure that in K2 (or disable the K2 - System plugin entirely). K2 Extended Profiles is not our extension, and I don't know how to configure that either.

I will look into K2 to find the answers for the display anomalies as you pointed out. In the Components -> K2 -> Users, select "Parameters" in the upper right corner of the page, Then select the "Advanced" tab near the top of that page, and set "Enable K2 User Profile" to No. That will prevent the K2 Users fields from being added to the Joomla User Profile page.

I'm didn't know that the template language override method still worked, actually. I know that was a feature of Joomla 1.5, but thought it was removed in 2.5+. I'd have to look into that ability further. There's a separate Language Override feature in Joomla 2.5 that can be used to override output language strings from the Language Manager.

As far as Language overrides, using the old method works on the dev site, but not on the live site. Using Joomla's Language Override component works, but when I add a character like 👉 Joomla doesn't seem to know what to do with it. That character is a white hand with a finger pointing left. I thought that when I configured Joomla to use Unicode UTF-8 encoding that Joomla then supports the entire character set. I noticed that Google Chrome doesn't support the entire UTF-8 character set either, Firefox does. When I edit en-GB.jfbconnect.ini in /language/en-GB 👉 displays correctly, at least, in Firefox.

Nov-18-14 21:59:04
Joomla User Profile Fields Not Showing on Registration Page and K2 User Profile Fields are...
Category: JFBConnect

This has got me stumped, because everything enabled on the dev site is enabled on the live site, in fact I put the two side by side and went down the lists for every selection in both JFBConnect and Joomla Users and User Profile and everything is exactly the same.

One thing that does involve JFBConnect and that is the Edit My Profile page is using the K2 Users information and I have specifically indicated everywhere in every plugin, module and component that I would be using Joomla Users and Joomla User - Profile and yet I am still getting the K2 fields on the Edit My Profile Page. Can you point me to the instructions for setting up the Joomla Users Registration and Edit My Profile pages again. With Users - Joomla and User - Profile as well as Social Profiles - Joomla and Social Profiles - K2 enabled I should be getting the Joomla Extended Profiles displayed on the Edit My Profile page. Do I have to turn Social Profiles - K2 off to keep the K2 fields from appearing? What about the K2 Extended Profiles plugin does this affect anything? I have Easy Profiles, but I have disabled all it's plugins as I don't want to complicate things.

There was something I did on the dev site however which involved enabling something and after that something was enabled more options appeared and then I selected those options. Don't remember where that was.

One other thing I don't understand and that is JFBConnect isn't picking up any of the Language overrides on the live site, but is picking up the language overrides on the dev site. I have to edit the files directly in /language/en-GB/en-GB.com_jfbconnect.ini and modifying /template/my-template/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_jfbconnect.ini has no effect on the live site. I wonder if this is an indication that something is amiss on the live site? Maybe a re-install of JFBConnect on the live site? The dev site is http. but the live site is https, but I made sure that everything was configured for https on the live site.

The reason I am using the Joomla Registration, Profile and Login pages instead of JFBConnect Registration, Profile and Login pages is because ACYMailing is adding a check-box through a plugin that will allow subscribing to the newsletter on the Registration page, but the plugin is for Joomla Users. I told them that JFBConnect does support Joomla Users, so If I use the Joomla Registration page, I will be able to add a check-box for users to subscribe to our newsletter at the same time they register an account. I couldn't get them to make a plugin specifically for JFBConnect, they said they would make a plugin for Joomla Users such that any component that supports Joomla Users would be able to display the Newsletter subscription check box; maybe you guys could connect?

But thanks for the attempt, I believe you are right, this is a Joomla thing and not a JFBC thing.

Nov-18-14 16:24:44
Joomla User Profile Fields Not Showing on Registration Page and K2 User Profile Fields are...
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks Alex, I created the user registration flow on a dev site first see; http://webdev.911truthoutreach.org/my-p … gistration

When I ported this over to the live site things didn't work the same even though I though I was updating files on both site as I went through the process: see: https://www.911truthoutreach.org/my-pro … gistration

I made some changes on the live site and added CSS to make the form and Captcha responsive, but otherwise I believe everything else is exactly the same.

I noticed one thing, however, and that is that JFB Connect isn't picking up the Language overrides on the live site.

Once once logged in an edit the User Profile, things are very different.

Nov-18-14 14:00:59
Joomla User Profile Fields Not Showing on Registration Page and K2 User Profile Fields are...
Category: JFBConnect

Joomla User Profile Fields Not Showing on Registration Page and K2 User Profile Fields are Showing up which I don't want to show. I will use a plugin to add the Joomla User Profile Fields to the K2.

How do I show the Joomla User Fields and Joomla User Profile fields on the Registration and My Profile pages and nothing else.

Thanks you, this clarifies the chose very well. I use the sclogin module, but I set it to use the Joomla User form. I styled the Joomla User form so I guess that I will just use that.

I am happy so far with everything, just takes time to get to know where everything is located.

One thing would like is a way to override the default images without have to replace them in /media/sourcecoast/images/provider/name-of-provider.

I would like to create a folder in /templates/my-template/html/com_jfbconnect/themes/images/provider/name-of-provider and have JFBConnct grab them from there so that they aren't over-written when I upgrade JFBConnect. You can see the icons I created at: webdev.911truthoutreach.org

What are the advantages / disadvantages of using JFBConnect?

What are the advantages / disadvantages of using Joomla?

I would like to have this capability as well.

Is SourceCoast considering making an SCLogin menu item available like they have for OpenGraph - Activity and OpenGraph - Settings?

This would be really nice, because though I can go through some hoops and re configure the menu to leave a 100 px gap on the right side it would be much more satisfying to be able to add an SCLogin menu item that would get the login menu up and out of the way of other content that needs to be displayed in the right column plus putting it in a very convenient position on every page.

Also since the menu I use, uses @Media queries to display the menu differently on different devices, having an SCLogin menu item would make it so that the login form would always display nicely regardless of what device it is used on. It is not enough that SCLogin uses Bootstrap classes so that it is responsive, it also has to be able to change position when the menu collapses to a mobile device type menu. This would be very hard to do through styling alone even with Bootstrap.

Oct-29-14 22:11:42
User Registration Populating from Social Media Account and Assigning to proper K2 Group
Category: JFBConnect

There are only Gender, Description and URL fields listed for K2 in "Social Network Profile Import Configuration" under "Profiles."

Oct-29-14 18:02:56
User Registration Populating from Social Media Account and Assigning to proper K2 Group
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks, I will take that course and see how it goes.

Oct-28-14 22:41:04
User Registration Populating from Social Media Account and Assigning to proper K2 Group
Category: JFBConnect

Ran into problem with Joomla User Profile because my T&C page is a K2 item and the Joomla User Profile doesn't recognize K2 Items. Have found a hack to get Joomla User Profile to talk to K2 User Profile, but would rather avoid the hack because of issues that may arise when components, modules and plugins are upgraded.

So I want to set up the site registration to use the K2 User Profile plugin with k2 Captcha and have the Users assigned to K2 Groups and have the Registration form populated from the users Social Media user information, complete with avatar. And when all is done allow the user to log in with their Social Media credentials or their website account credentials.

I just want to know where to start so that I only have to go through this process one time.

JFBConnect advises that I enable the Joomla User Profile plugin. The question is can I use the K2 User Profile plugin instead, and if so how to I go about doing that? How do I go about mapping the JFBConnect User fields to the K2 User Fields. I need username, email, city, state/province, Country, zip/postal code, password all to be entered in the user registration form and stored in the user's profile. I also need the user to be able to edit their profile any time they log in. Would also like the user to be able to delete their own account as well.

Everything is ready to go as far as the Social Media accounts are concerned. Have created the accounts and the apps and populated the JFBConnect component with App Key and Secret Keys for each Social Media account and the "Error Check" utility reports that everything is good.

I also use ACYMailing for subscriptions and would like to add a check box to the registration form asking the user if they would like to subscribe to our newsletter at the same time.

I also have an SSL Certificate in place and I am getting the green pad lock indicating that I pass all the security checks.

So now it is just setting up the registration form and I should be good to go, I am just not sure where to begin with K2 or with adding the check box for the ACYMailing Subscription. I can edit PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and jQuery, so if any custom work needs to be done just point me in the right direction.

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