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Well the Facebook you are correct that was not active. Now I tried also on another place but the buttons are not reacting. I don't get a popup. About the other that you mentioned I still have to look .

EDIT: Well out of the blue it wors now. Indeed a few are not connecting good so I have to look into those. Thanks!

Thanks Alzander to respond that quick. Only when I try to click on the buttons nothing happens.....

Am I doing something wrong?

Also a second problem is that I can't login. I get a error "invalid token"


I have made all accounts with the social sites. The buttons are shown very good but none of them work. When I hover over them I see javascript:void(0). I think of course I forgot something but what?

The site is; Tablet Repareren.


Hello Alzander,

Well problem is solved. The thing was that the users were in group Public and that doesn't work. Now it is ok. Also I changed the caching for SCLogin and at least login works fine now. Thanks and have nice days!

Hello Alzander,

I am sorry to disturb but I have a problem. Today I found out that when I want to login with any username it doesn't work and he is redirecting me to another page. The facebook and other logins work perfect only when you have to fill in username then it goes wrong.

If you want I can send you a PM with login credentials.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Yep it is so easy hehehehe if you know were to look. It works!


Hi Alzander,

As the title already mentiones I can't get the login button of JLinked in SCLogin. I have the picture and pointed but no button. I know that JLinked doesn't recognize the new SCLogin but can it made work? The site is www.vivacomputers.nl.

Thanks and regards!

Sep-14-13 05:16:51
Category: JFBConnect

Hello Alzander you have made a very way to put your site in Facebook and I did this in the past also but want to create that again. I forgot actually how it was done and also Facebook keeps on changing everything hehehe. Were can I find info on that?


Hello Alzander,

On line 308 this is standing:     $buttonHtml = '';
The site is working again. Yesterday I reinstalled JLinked and it came back again. Also the buttons work except from the Google button. I am sure it is a minor issue I think but then again programming is not my field hehehe.

Anyway thanks for the support!

I am getting tired. Now my site went blank......

I updated the lib library and then my site went blank....i uninstalled it and I get; Fatal error: Class 'SCSocialUtilities' not found in /home/vivaco1b/public_html/components/com_jlinked/libraries/linkedin.php on line 53

Edit: I reinstalled JLinked component and the site is back. Only still so far no Google button.

Well for laptoprepareren.com all is fine now but for vivacomputers.nl not. I followed the same instructions in the post to adjust code but line 308 I don't have and looks different. Any suggestions?

Hi, in the configuration I found that this; .apps.googleusercontent.com has to be gone after the numbers and then it all works. You did a good job so no complains!

Joehoeee yep now I have a picture.........boehoeeee the configuration is not good  current/roll . I must say Google has the most difficult way to make a api but I have to check that again. About the folders; really they were not there.... current/tongue 

Thank you!

Well the pictures are in the named folder but still no Google login button. I don't have a lot off enhancement plugins actually so I am a little run out off possibilities....

I will try to setup the Google settings again but I am almost sure that I did as it should be.

One other thing; I placed those pics in the images folder. With the installation there weren't any pictures and also it didn't the folders that you name.

When I look in the folder that you mean I don't see any pictures. I only come as far as; http://www.laptoprepareren.com/media/sourcecoast/css and some files in there. I have just upgraded from the old version.

Should I make the folders and put the pictures there? I will give that a try anyway hehehe...

Hello Alzander,

Off course my mistake. The site is : http://www.laptoprepareren.com.


Hello Alzander, thanks for the help. Well I checked and as far as I can see all is in good configuration. The image by the way is now better. The only thing I can't show is the Google login. I can see that there is something but no button.

I hope you can assist in this.



Edit; I removed the Dutch ini file and the backend looks better now. I will check the rest but the Google button is not there.

Edit 2: Ok it appears that the Dutch files are not good yet.

The only thing left is that I can't see the Google button.

Edit 3: I can't get my profile image little...

I have installed the latest version but I get text like this:


I have a dutch backend but before this was no problem. Also the Google login button is not shwon and I think my Facebook login doens't work also very good. So I have a few problems  current/hmm . I hope you can help me.

Jun-26-13 23:38:44

Yep stupid off me......

Thank you!

Jun-26-13 05:18:46

Hello, I am busy building a new site. I have installed the SCLogin module but he is not showing everything like; Facebook picture, Facebook connect, Facebook login button. Can you please take a look?

I will send in a PM the login.

Thank you!

May-29-13 23:48:13
Popup Module not working on the site... I used Gavic Storebox theme

Yep now it works. You make it very easy hehehehe. Thank you!

May-29-13 12:47:11
Popup Module not working on the site... I used Gavic Storebox theme
May-29-13 12:45:23
Header problem


May-29-13 10:55:02
Header problem

Yep thank you Alzander that worked. At least I saw the difference very good on the site that I am building now. I have tried the popup setup but I only get a black screen and in the deep the login.

Thank you for the help!

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