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Is there a way or is this something that maybe in the next release where you can post your status on Facebook  and it post to Jomsocial status?

I use a plugin right now for Jomsocial called Follow me that works for Twitter.  If the status is updated on Jomsocial it updates Twitter account status.  It does NOT update facebook only Twitter so having that option with JFBconnects would really be a great feature.  Here is the site with the plugin Stalker for JomSocial  [url:2svtk7ur]http://www.nicktexidor.com/joomla-modules/stalker-for-jomsocial[/url:2svtk7ur]

I can't get the Status message to show up on my Facebook wall.

I went into Status/Wall setting and set to yes.  I am logged into my site using JFBconnects so that I am connected to facebook when I update My Status on my Jomsocial Profile.

Is there anything else I need to do to get this new feature to work?

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I can resend your user name and password if you need it to access the site.

When I use the latest version of JFBconnects on IE8 I lose the window scroll bars to be able to scroll up and down on the new window that opens when it connects via Fconnects.

Also using Jomsocial and AEC for registration.  With this new version if already connected to fconnects and trying to register it doesn't register. This happens in IE and Firefox.

Site is paid site I can give you access if you PM me to see what could be the issue.

What do I need to do on JFBconnects to set up a Reclaim account url?  Incase a member decides to disable their facebook connects access to site.


Where do I go to change the number of invites showing up.  Currently the front end says 'add up to 4 of your friends'  but on the backend I have changed it to 1000 and it doesn't change the text where do I need to do this?

Yes I have posted this on jomsocial and also jomsocial developers have access to my site to see how jomsocial interacts with JFBconnects.
I also gave you access via PM to access my site as well.

I have the same issue not being able to logout.  The only way I can log out is to use the joomla logout button versus the JFB logout.

I have PM'd you my site info as well as login details not sure if you got them sourecoast?

On the Jomsocial board it was stated that the logout issue is  actually because we are using the same class name for our Facebook library. Therefore the name conflicts.

What is the best solution to solve this?

I sent a PM to sourcecoast to login to see what is going on.
The other issue is it does not logout. I currently have two login screens so I can logout otherwise the JFBC connect does not allow the member to logout.

Also getting 404 errors as well.

I am also getting the error 500. 
Can you take a look at it and see why you think it is doing this.
I don't have SEF404 installed yet wanted to get error resolved before adding another component.
I do have jomsocial and added the jomsocial facebook connect integration. Getting this error either way.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.virtualmeetandgreet.com">http://www.virtualmeetandgreet.com</a><!-- m -->

Is the new JFB invite that was just released 2.1.0 does it have this feature in it?  As the demo site has the module version small display and the main invite display.
If so where do I go to configure this new feature.

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