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Now that I have uninstalled my login mod and redit that everything seems fine... I would also like to report a bug on the new acount or login screen that is part of the ne version. If you do not enter in a password you can still register or proceed to the next step in the facebook connect process.

I no longer have teh issue first reported... which is strange and my database is again storing new users. I installed the login mod from the jfbconnect pack rather than the one downloaded from cms...

Maybe there is a slight difference in those.

I will do further tests to make sure. current/big_smile

- sometimes the login redirects do not work and i get an invalid address error. address it tries to go to is 'http:///'
- The Logout redirect also goes to a page that does not have all the native joomla settings aplies from modules and so on. Eg. If I start at my frontpage it is as normal - I login then logout I have it set to redirect to the home frontpage and it is without modules and teh articels are in a different order (backwards)

I like the new way of logging in it is great! It is what I originally wanted too,

It works properly on teh test site. I have my connect to automatically create the account. I will try it the other way and let you know.

Ok it seems for now that your test site does not have that issue. But i behaves completely difernt anyway... For one we do not have that account creation link that yuo have. In fact I would prefer that...

I tried it and it worked fine at first.. but now i cant log in using my created joomla account...

I have also noticed that a lot of the accounts being created are not showing up in the user section of my jfbconnect too. I have over 80 users now trying to use and am getting reports that its not working or they cant access...

It has something to do with what facebook is doing to the cookie maybe....

WIll do more tests..

Sorry, I was in a rush when I posted this.

I am using the JFbLogin module to logout and get teh message that says I am logging out of both accounts. But on refresh of the page I get loggd staright back in with my facebook credentials.

What I meant by the Jomsocial issue is that when I get automatically logged back in... My Jomsocial does not fully recognise it so I still have to type in a user and password.

This has happened for almost all versions after the jomsocial additions. (as I can recall)

AT first I ust thought it was a temp issue then i realised its a bug somewhere.

It happens to me in either ie or firefox.


When I logout of Facebook connect using the Module the page will redirect to home page and then automatically log me back in using my facebook credentials. The session should be fully over. Strange thing is it does not update the new login back to JomSocial. I am using all latest versions of the component.


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