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Thanks Alex all working,
One other question. When the twitter feed loads in page our twitter logo displays briefly then disappears.
Any idea of cause
Inspect element shows unable to load image from twitter

Thanks Alex, Tried all of that with all login modules SClogin and joomla etc. When I authorise with twitter i get the twitter dialog. Login to twitter with my superadmin email login and then sometimes the redirect is a blank page and in channels I do not get a joomla user for the channel owner.

I have another login module (improved ajax login) also using social so I disabled that and now get some progress the redirect works for sclogin but I get error
This email address is already registered.
and the user is not logged in.
I have same page selected for redirect but this error takes me to the registration page.
I have checked all api keys they are correct and they work ok with the other module


I have tried both sc login module, joomla login module and and the joomls login via a menu and enabled the show buttons etc. None of which work. I get twitter Authorise app but the return URL is always a blank page and if I go to administration control panel the user has not logged in therefore I cannot set up the social stream I do not get a user in the user map list. Can somebody please advise.

Hello I have a valid subscription but autotune shows expired it seems to be using my initial subscription not the renewal.
Please advise
Note fixed after saving and running autotune

I am following instructions for creating a channel in order to use the social stream module. For the channel I need to authenticate with twitter however no instructions on how to do this or create a user map.  Why not use the api key ?
We are not using your login module so how do I do this ?

I enabled the sclogin module temporarily when use the twitter button it redirects to a blank page?
The url starts as follows
https://www.youdopet.com/index.php?opti … amp;state=


I Am trying to embed a list of our tweets in our website. I tried the easy tags option but this does not appear to allow you to create a list of tweets. Do I need to use the widget module if so how do I ensure that I only get a list of our tweets ?

Hello Alex

I am still trying to sort this tracking protection issue. Are you saying we can disable like button then share button will display with tracking turned on.


Sep-29-17 12:48:15
Category: JFBConnect

Can someone explain. I have the FB login working ok but in the channel setup I have
The selected user has not granted the "manage_pages" permission. Please have them login on the front-end of the site and accept the correct permission.

Silly question but whioch front end. My Site, Facebook or developers.facebook.com ?

Is this an app issue or is this a joomla jfb issue ?

Thanks Alex,

I still have the following issue I cannot get linkedin button to display in content all others are ok this is version 7.2.1. Plus our competitor is able to display buttons without tracking disabled in FF. Can we w do the same by disable FB share ? I tried this as follows

Tracking enabled and FB Share button off
Twitter displays the word Tweet as link
Google displays button
All others hidden

https://www.youdopet.com/twilight-bark/ … ulous-pets


I have the same problem. In Firefox with tracking on facebook does not show but google does eg at the bottom of this page. If I disable tracking then facebook appears. So question is why does google button display with tracking on and facebook does not ?

If I go to a competitor site https://www.animalfriends.co.uk/blog/becool-rainy-days/  the buttons on this site display with Firefox tracking on so this implies its an issue with jfbconnect.

Also with tracking off the linkedin share and pintrest buttons do not display. All others are ok.


Sep-26-17 15:41:20
Which Login
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks Melissa,
You did mention I can use any login module ? Trouble is SClogin does not have registration forms.  What is {JFBCLogin} easy-tag to the module. Where to add this code ?

Sep-26-17 07:43:37
Which Login
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks Meliissa,

re twitter user. Which  parameter is used to match twitter user with joomla user ? The email address or user name ?  I am guessing the email address. So the twitter user ie owner of the feed has same email  as the joomla user.

I am using the ajax login component from http://offlajn.com/  I can login using twitter all ok. However I still cannot get a user to display in the channel user list.  Not sure I understand how you store the data for users who have auth with twitter. I am assuming you need a user to publish the channel ? I do not need to post just read only display. Unable to publish channel.


Sep-25-17 12:10:18
Which Login
Category: JFBConnect

I am trying to set up a twitter feed to the site. Updated the api keys etc but no user displays in list for the channel. I only have one user = Super Admin.
The module displays JFBConnect not enabled. Please enable.
Any idea?

Also can I use any login module or do I need to use SCLogin ?

Ignore should be using SCSocialStream

I am trying to incorporate a twitter feed into my site with the module but get error JFBConnect not enabled. Please enable. The plugin is enabled and component has twitter has api key. Version 7.2 joomla 3.8

Any ideas ?

Apr-03-17 02:42:07
Category: JFBConnect

Hello I want to add a simple registration form to a module to display in the right hand column of our landing pages. I have SC login as the primary login and register for the website using JFB connect. However I am struggling to see how I can create anything other than a link to the default Joomla registration page.  Can you please advise.

Jan-20-17 10:12:32
Category: JFBConnect

Would this be a workable solution to extra fields issue. I noticed that Automatically Link Users By Email.
Therefore could we use another login component to capture the extra data on registration.
Then use SC_Login to login and enable this functionality and therefore we link the info ?
has anyone else tried this ?

Jan-20-17 09:47:09
Category: JFBConnect

Can you please clarify I have this correct for JFBConnect. We need to have both social registration and normal.

1. I have installed the component and the sc_login plugin.
2. Enabled the module sc_login this presents the login option
3. For registration I have selected custom = menu item that redirects to a traditional joomla page.

So I'm a bit confused how will allow users to decide between social network registration and normal registration ?
With the normal registration process I would like to capture a couple of extra fields of data I can see how to do this with the menu link to another login module
However what information do I retrieve with social media registration. Can I create extra fields ?
With mini registration how do I trigger social vs normal I cannot see how to connect sc_login to jfb.

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