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Just in case anyone else runs into this issue, selecting "Always use private browsing mode" under Tools | Options | Privacy (in Firefox) prevents the Facebook plugin from displaying correctly on the front end of a website.  Once that option is deselected, the module (or whatever is being used) from SourceCoast works great.

Hope this helps someone on down the road.

Of course I uploaded the WRONG screenshot.  Let's try this again.  Here's how the SCSocialWidget looks from my highly restricted Firefox browser. 


Even more strange.  When I open Firefox, I don't see anything under "Our Facebook Page" at all on the URL I posted.  I don't have any extensions or add-ons enabled either, although I have it fairly locked down.  Took a screen shot and hope I've attached it properly at this point.  I think the only thing I'm using in Firefox is Firebug which allows me to view code that needs to be changed. 

It would appear that this entire thread is caused by some setting in Firefox.  I tested the site on another Windows 10 machine with the latest FF and the SCSocialWidget appeared as expected.  I even tested in the Google App on my 2nd generation iPad and it appeared there as well.

You have my permission to smack me upside the head.  :-)  If I get a few moments to test, I'll see if I can determine what's causing the empty module in my FF configuration.

Sorry for the hassle and confusion. 

Thank you Melanie. 


Ah ok.  Didn't know that.  So why does this work in Chrome and not Firefox?  Any ideas?

Home page of www.lifescanvasphotography.com

From Chrome, I can see the "facepile" and everything..........even deprecated plugins!  From Firefox, it's blank.  Look for "Our Facebook Page" in right module position.

Something about Chrome that works better with Facebook, even if I select the deprecated Like Box.  The module will still display correctly in Chrome!  Now I'm really confused.

Thank you so much for the quick replies.  Forgive my ignorance on how to actually get the attachment to display.

Here's an interesting tidbit.  Even after making the setting changes, I don't see anything in Firefox 42.0, but in Chrome Version 46.0.2490.80, I DO indeed see something appear on the home page for SCSocial Widget.

Now I'm going to set everything back the way it was and check the site in Chrome.  Any ideas why Firefox won't display and Chrome will?  Weird!

I hope you can view the attachment I just uploaded.  It's got the settings for SCSocial Widget.  I'm using the Like Button with the Button Count as the Layout.  I have changed the Show Faces to No and Verb to Display as Recommend (not Like).  The module no longer displays on the website.

What am I missing?

I'm not using the FB plugin, but the SC Social Widget module.  Will that module still work if I disable the show faces?  Or does that entire module no longer work?  Sorry to be so thick.

I might be a bit behind, but is there a newer version of SCSocial module?  I'm not sure when it stopped working, but it has.  The version I have is 6.2.0 with version 6.4.2 of JFBConnect.  Hope someone can shed some light on why the module no longer displays the faces of FB friends.  BTW, I'm using Joomla 3.4.5.

Thanks for any help that might be out there today.

Sep-30-14 14:40:08
Social sharing plugin is not showing properly
Category: JFBConnect

When I select a module position, specifically for the template I'm using, once I click save or save and close, the position gets reverted to a custom spot.  I definitely need to read more about the new widgets, but I don't believe I've had this kind of problem when saving a module.  Here again, I have yet to uninstall the old modules, so maybe that's what is happening.  I have a lot of reading to do on the newest version of JFBConnect.

Sep-30-14 13:29:22
Social sharing plugin is not showing properly
Category: JFBConnect

Sounds like I should uninstall those old modules.  I have been trying to configure SCSocial FindUs, which works ok except that every time I try to place the module in a template position (JoomlaXTC Template), it "magically" changes position to the same position, but listed under Custom.

Not sure if this is due to JFBConnect 6.2.1 or not though.

Sep-30-14 12:10:17
Social sharing plugin is not showing properly
Category: JFBConnect

I probably am still using the older modules.  Will give that a try.  Thanks!

Sep-30-14 11:11:40
Social sharing plugin is not showing properly
Category: JFBConnect

I, too, am having similar issues after upgrading to JFBConnect 6.2.1.  Both the JFBLike and JFBFan modules are displaying code only.  See home page of www.lifescanvasphotography.com.

I tried these steps listed below and it had no effect on my site either.

Good morning, Alex!
You are correct.  When I try to open JFBConnect from the Components menu, I get the Error 500 and a blank, white screen.  I'm also noticing other menu options are gone as well.

https://www.akeebabackup.com/home/news/ … dates.html
I use Akeeba Backup and Admin Tools, and when I get the email notices about upgrading the system, I take care of that upgrade almost immediately.  (bleeding edge)

Found the link above this morning and noticed that this particular upgrade is NOT ready for prime time, so I'm just going to restore from backup and then try to upgrade SCLogin again.  Feels like a Monday.  Oh wait, it IS Monday!  :-)

Well, I can confirm that the Joomla upgrade to 3.1.2 causes issues per Nicholas at Akeeba Backup.  Sigh.  Looks like I'll be restoring from backup and will then try the SCLogin Module upgrade again.

I'm not sure what I have done wrong, but this morning I upgraded a website's Joomla installation to the latest 3.1.2 without issue.  Then I noticed SCLogin Module had a newer version available, so I logged into SourceCoast to download/install the module.  After installing the module, I can no longer access JFBConnect from the Components menu.

However, I am able to access the sub-menu items but not the component itself.  Granted, I am not sure if this is a Joomla 3.1.2 issue or SCLogin Module issue, or both.

Has anyone seen this kind of behavior?  I also notice that if I got into Site Maintenance, I can select the items to clear cache, but the delete option is now gone.  That seems like it might be a Joomla issue, so I'll head over to the forum there to see what's up with the latest version of Joomla.

Any thoughts/ideas about accessing JFBConnect would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

RESOLVED:  When I opened my browser window completely (24" monitor), I noticed additional information about the error message.

That error was:  Fatal error: Call to undefined method JFBConnectFacebookLibrary::getUserId() in /home/justdott/public_html/modules/mod_jfbclike/mod_jfbclike.php on line 20

Big ole DUH!  I upgraded mod_jfbclike to the latest version and now the website is happy again.

Sorry for bugging folks on the forum with something I should have done initially.

She breathes a sigh of relief!

I just upgraded JFBConnect on a site and now the front end interface does not appear as it should.  Prior to upgrading JFBConnect, I upgraded to PHP 5.4.11 so that I could still upgrade Akeeba Backup and Admin Tools.  However, in between the two upgrades, I checked the front end of the site and the PHP change did not have an adverse affect on the site.

This is the error I see on the front end of the website now:  Fatal error: Call to undefined method

Is there an easy way to roll back to the previous version of JFBConnect?

Thank you for any help out there today. 

Using Joomla 2.5.9 and PHP 5.4.11

Geeze - and I thought obtaining the SSL from GoDaddy was difficult!

Ok, testing fails.  Need to verify some of the configuration changes. 

From JFBConnect | Page Tab/Canvas - Application as Page Tab
   Reveal Page Article ID:  Just the article ID number or complete path?  (I have just the number listed)

Tab Page URL:  Should this be the article ID with the coupon code?
Secure Page Tab URL:  I have the full path to the discount coupon code here.
(Both of these were configured/set within the Facebook App)  Correct?

RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 443
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !jfbcchannel.php$
RewriteRule ^.*$ http://%{SERVER_NAME}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,nc,L]

Have I missed anything?

Once you have everything configured, how do you test it?  I have already "liked" this particular FB page.  Find a friend to be the guinea pig? 

I will definitely post a review of JFBConnect on the Joomla Extensions page.

Thanks a million Alex!

Nevermind.  The answer is YES and it works!

Will the JFB Facebook Login Module (SCLogin) work with loadposition?

Guess who FINALLY got a UCC/SSL certificate installed!!!  What a flippin' nightmare!   Only took months to accomplish!

Now, on to the discount coupon doo-dad!

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