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alzander wrote:

We found the issue with the Gavick templates, and the missing Like button. Gavick is intentionally stripping out other extension's inclusion of social buttons. There's no way we can fix this inside JFBConnect. We have a post below that may help you remove that bad behavior, but we'd really recommend you contact Gavick to let them know that they are causing conflicts on your page, and you'd like them to not do that:
http://www.sourcecoast.com/forums/jfbco … rde#p13377

Hope that helps, sorry for the inconvenience, and good luck,


Thank you so much for your great support Alex
I fixed it by removing some code for lib/gk.framework.php file.
Everything is working fine now as you can see here http://www.queermagazineonline.com/arti … ning-after

alzander wrote:

Oh, likely unrelated, but I'm seeing a Javascript error on your page that you should know about. The ShareThis module/plugin is saying:

Please specify a ShareThis Publisher Key
For help, contact [email protected]

Not sure how you're using ShareThis, or if it's working for you, but if not, that's likely why.


I have disabled the ShareThis plugin now,

alzander wrote:

Can you post an article link with the problem? I just tried to go to articles/item/5555-violenceingayrelationships, and couldn't see where the Like button was trying to be included.

I'm assuming you disabled it, but either way, can you let us know more about what's not working? Is it not showing, not clickable, or something else?

Also, I noticed the Wibya bar was enabled again, and the Login button seems to be working. Was there a specific fix you did to make these work together? Would love to hear if there's an easy solution to make them work.. we haven't tested with it yet.


Here is link to a Joomal article: http://www.queermagazineonline.com/lgbt … our-heroes
Here is link to a K2 article: http://www.queermagazineonline.com/arti … er-11-2001

You can see on both links that Content Plugin - Like and Content Plugin - K2 Like is not showing up.
Content Plugin - K2 Like should show up at the bottom.
I have tested with one of the Joomla 1.7 default template and then it's showing up.
So this is a conflict with the  The World News II template from Gavick.

I got Wibya bar working after disabling Facebook Like and Facebook Send.

I have found another conflict with your component and this new version.

If you're using The World News II template from Gavick like I do (that have Social API built in), Content Plugin - Like is not working even if you have turn off the Social API settings in the The World News II template parameters.

alzander wrote:

We're looking into the K2 issue. Was that working on your site before just fine?

Please keep us posted on what you find, good or bad.


Everything with K2 and JFBConnect was working just fine before I upgraded to 4.0

Thank you so much for your fast and great support Alex.

mod JFBCLogin is now working but can't still don't see Facebook Comments and K2 Like in K2 items, but that can probably be browser cache issue.


After I upgrade to newest version 4.0 today nothing is working.

mod JFBCLogin gives me An error occurred. Please try again later.
Content Plugin - K2 Comments is not showing up in the K2 items so all the Facebook comments I had on the site is probably gone.
Same with Content Plugin - K2 Like (not showing up in the K2 items)

What can have happen here?

I would really appreciate some assistance with this problem:

Has anyone got the Facebook Connect working properly?

I'm trying to get it working together with JomSocial.

When I'm testing it on my website I got the message unable to save the user.

Another question I have is which code do I have to remove to only show

Login using Facebook and the http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/images/fbconnect/login-buttons/connect_light_large_short.gif?8:121776http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/images/fbconnect/login-buttons/connect_light_large_short.gif?8:121776

I don't want to use the login box and Register for this site link.

Hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance.


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