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Jun-06-16 22:20:46
I use joomla 3.5.1 . Until few months this module used to work. Now after filling the email field...
Forum: Sendy

I'm experiencing the same behavior here as well.

Apr-29-14 19:26:58
Facebook likes button will not render properly if the user is not logged into their facebook...
Category: JFBConnect


Apr-04-14 13:04:25
Facebook likes button will not render properly if the user is not logged into their facebook...
Category: JFBConnect


I'm having an issue where my Facebook like buttons are not rendering when the user visits my page and they are NOT logged into their Facebook page.  If they are logged into Facebook and come and visit my site then the buttons show on all of the posts.  Is there any known conflicts between JFBC and Easyblog?

Plus the Facebook like buttons are not rendering properly when you click the like button... But I think that might be on the easyblog side of the coin and not JFBC.  Is anyone able to take a look?


My best regards,

Aug-30-13 12:42:15
Need to use a large oversized call to action button on my homepage.
Category: JFBConnect

Hello,  I like the small buttons placed in the sc-login module etc the way that they are now.  But there is one instance where I would like to use a very large FB call to action button.  I've created a test page with a module that I would like to include on our homepage.  This illustrates what I am looking to do.  Any advice?


Thanks for any help you can provide.  Great job on 5.1.0 !   I have had no issues with it yet!

I had the guys from yootheme looking into an issue and they left the error reporting on Maximum... sorry to waste your time with this... and thanks for the update.  I cannot wait for 5.1.  You guys are the best!


Look at the page source of this page... somehow we are getting an error message injected at the very tope of the page.

http://www.healthylivingct.com/50-the-y … enge-works

<br />
<b>Notice</b>:  Trying to get property of non-object in <b>/home/healthyl/public_html/libraries/sourcecoast/articleContent.php</b> on line <b>494</b><br />

Loading bootstrap made it work for a short time and then after a couple of sessions of testing it dropped out again and will not pop the modal. If you look now you can see that the bootstrap is loaded and maybe there will be some new error in the debug?

Thanks again for looking into this.  You guys provide great support!

My best regards,

It was working last night then by this morning it stopped popping up.  Very odd.  http://www.healthylivingct.com/

You guys are the best! Thanks for any help you can provide!


Jul-18-13 12:11:13
It seems to get opengraph to work the entire site has to be ssl all the time? Could you fill me...
Category: JFBConnect

Hello Guys,

Could someone tell me why for actions to post to the activity log, my site has to be in SSL mode the whole time? I watched the demo video that Facebook has and the page they tested was non-ssl.  Why does JFBConnect force you to be in SSL mode to make things work? When it appears Facebook themselves did not. Am I doing something wrong where I should be able to leave SSL mode after a user logs in using their Facebook credentials and still have the actions post to their activity log on Facebook?

Issues I have with being forced into SSL mode all the time are the following:
1. Joomla cannot cache everything and my site takes a performance hit when it is under load with users.
2. I am unable to display ads on my site since they are often coming in on unsecure URLs as well as their supporting graphics... this throws up an unsecure error to my users browsers scaring them off cause they think the site is unsecure.
3. Components like EasyBlog link a lot of their content like blog images or videos from youtube in http and not https. So when viewers go to these pages they get unsecure errors and it scares my users off.

To enable the ability for a site to post its actions to Facebook without having to be in SSL mode for the whole session is essential.  Since it makes no sense at all to have your whole site running SSL the whole time after a user logs in using their facebook credentials.

What am I doing wrong here. Please offer up any advice if you are able.  I love what this component does... just not the part of being in SSL mode all the time to work... when Facebook's open graph demo video shows you do not need to be.

Jul-12-13 22:48:11
Everything appears to be setup properly both on Facebook and JFBConnect but action update not...
Category: JFBConnect

Well do I feel like an idiot or what... so it is working as intended... I assume when the site reaches critical mass data will probably be weighted better and have a higher probability of showing up.  I'm coming late to the game with my focus on this social media crap.  I appreciate you spending the time to answer me.  You guys are top shelf.


Jul-12-13 15:05:49
Everything appears to be setup properly both on Facebook and JFBConnect but action update not...
Category: JFBConnect


I am new to this component yet I am very excited about the possibilities when I can get it working.  Currently though, everything appears to be setup properly within JFBConnect.

Joomla site:
Joomla v3.1.1, Jomsocial 3.0RC1, Easyblog (latest version), EasyDiscuss (latest version), Zoo, Yootheme Nano3 Template with Warp 7 framework
RapidSSL on our base domain healthylivingct.com

Steps taken:
In the FB application I setup a default Object "article" and action type "read". This is located under the applications Open Graph Menu sub menu "Types" ( I did not add any stories or collections)

Autotune has no red flags and all options are green.
All tests and checks come up as passed
All plugins are showing current and checked green.
Facebook login and registration is working as intended
I setup a read action in the open graph settings area within JFBConnect
When a user reads an easyblog post I see the popup that an activity has been added to Facebook. All front end logs and options are showing up to the user as it should.
The activity log shows the action from the JFBConnect backend with no error.
I go to the test user facebook page as well as testing on the application admin account and no post was made to the facebook timeline.

Anyone have any ideas as to what may be happening? I've spent quite a bit of time over the last two days trying to get this to work and I am now pulling out my hair.

Best regards,

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