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Problem is fixed with new com_jfbconnect_j1.5_v2.0.1.zip download.

Thanks Much!

Any additional things to try? Been working on this for a couple of weeks now.... really want to go live soon here.



Here are my settings...

PHP Version: 5.2.8

Directory Permissions

administrator/backups/    Writable
administrator/components/    Writable
administrator/language/    Writable
administrator/language/en-GB/    Writable
administrator/modules/    Writable
administrator/templates/    Writable
components/    Writable
images/    Writable
images/banners/    Writable
images/stories/    Writable
language/    Writable
language/en-GB/    Writable
language/pdf_fonts/    Writable
media/    Writable
modules/    Writable
plugins/    Writable
plugins/content/    Writable
plugins/editors/    Writable
plugins/editors-xtd/    Writable
plugins/search/    Writable
plugins/system/    Writable
plugins/user/    Writable
plugins/xmlrpc/    Writable
tmp/    Writable
templates/    Writable
Cache Directory /usr/www/users/{joomla}/cache/    Writable
Cache Directory /usr/www/users/{joomla}/administrator/cache/    Writable

Your PHP settings

Safe Mode:       Off
Open basedir:     None
Display Errors:     On
Short Open Tags:     On
File Uploads:     On
Magic Quotes:     Off
Register Globals:     On
Output Buffering:     Off
Session Save Path:     /tmp
Session Auto Start:     0
XML Enabled:     Yes
Zlib Enabled:     Yes
Disabled Functions:     None
Mbstring Enabled:     Yes
Iconv Available:     Yes
WYSIWYG Editor:     Editor - No Editor

Thanks for your help in advance!

Ditto tried setting images directory to 777 still to no avail.

The avatar file (/usr/www/users/appname/images/jfbc_767582525pic_tmp.jpg) for user 121 does not exist. Using default image instead.
There was an issue importing your Facebook avatar. The default avatar will be used

Also curious as to why I receive this warning

You are already a registered user!

Just purchased your component and I'm getting the same error:

The avatar file (/usr/www/users/applicationname/images/jfbc_767582525pic_tmp.jpg) for user 117 does not exist. Using default image instead.
There was an issue importing your Facebook avatar. The default avatar will be used.

I have checked the permissions on the images directory thinking it was a permissions issue but still not sure.

Thanks in advance for the resolution...


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