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Apr-22-14 10:13:13
Need social share buttons to work at item level
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Alex;
The previous questions were submitted by our web manager, Gene, rather than myself.  For clarity, I'm going to start at the beginning:

Previously, we used Jlinked, on a flexicontent-based Joomla site, and had the "like" buttons successfully show via the content plugin on the category view pages, such as the Press Releases page (http://www.fairwarning.com/news-and-eve … releases).  The buttons showed for each individual item on that page, and shared the individual item URL (not the category page URL).  This was valuable to us, because we want people to be able to share each item individually, but from the category page.

Currently, we've updated to using JFBConnect, enabled the plugin, and turned on the buttons in the category view.  I've tried selecting "All" under categories, and when that didn't work, tried the "Include" and selecting the specific categories to show instead.

In every case, the buttons are not appearing in the category view pages via the content plugin.  I'm not sure why it worked previously and doesn't now, and wonder whether it's some kind of interference/interaction with Flexicontent.  But, as I said, even with Flexicontent it did work previously in JLinked.

I'm attaching a screenshot of the Social > Content Plugin > Like Settings, as perhaps we have something wrong.  Thoughts on why the buttons aren't appearing?

Thank you!

Apr-18-14 11:46:59
Need social share buttons to work at item level
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the reply. I do see the option to do that, and have done exactly that, however the buttons are still pulling from the category level instead of the item level.

In the past these buttons worked because we are using Flexicontent. Are you aware of any extra steps or things we need to do within Flexicontent so that it would pull content from the item level?


Apr-15-14 22:11:14
Need social share buttons to work at item level
Category: JFBConnect


We are running Joomla 2.5 on our website. For some time we were able to display social share buttons on the following URLs, where multiple items were being displayed under a single category.

http://www.fairwarning.com/news-and-eve … s-releases
http://www.fairwarning.com/news-and-eve … a-coverage
http://www.fairwarning.com/customer/cus … s-webinars

How can we make these buttons appear once again and work so they share the content at the item level? It would be desirable to do this in an automated manner so we don't have to manually insert the buttons for each item.

Thank you!

Hi Alex,

Sure, I will be more specific.

I am a registered user in the community and have already been authenticated with LinkedIn. When I click on the "Login with LinkedIn" button, instead of directing me to the main page in the community, it just loops me back to the main login screen.

This was working previously when I had the {JLinkedLogin} as the button code. Yes, this is an issue that is new to those who had previously been authenticated with JLinked.

I did check "Enable Debugging" but nothing showed up.

Any further insight you can provide would be great.

Thank you!


We recently migrated from JLinked to JFBConnect 6.0 and have noticed in our test environment that the new Login with LinkedIn button is not working. I have replaced {JLinkedLogin} with {JFBCLogin} - what else do I need to do to make this work?

Note that this is for single-sign-on capability for our online community - the URL in question is www.fairwarning.com/webdev/community.

Thank you.


We are running Joomla v 2.5.6 and have the JLinked Share module installed, version 2.2.

It appears that as of late the LinkedIn share button is not working in Chrome. Upon clearing the browser cache it works the first time, however if I try it again on that same page the share window does not appear.

This issue does not appear to be happening in IE or Firefox.

Click here for an example: http://www.fairwarning.com/customer/customer

Please advise.

Thank you!

So, if I'm understanding correctly, it just didn't install because we hadn't installed JomSocial yet when we installed JLinked?  It just detects what is already installed, and adds the correct plugins?

Thank you!


I recently installed JomSocial 3.1 and am using JLinked 2.2. As per the attached screenshot, how do I install JomSocial into the JLinked Extension Check?

Thank you for your prompt response.  Unfortunately I've tried this, and a number of variations - applying a negative z-index to the share buttons themselves, applying a higher z-index to the header/menu sections. 

Does anyone have any other thoughts as to correcting this?

Thank you!

I apologize if this has been addressed previously; I searched and did not see it.  On our website, www.fairwarning.com, we have drop-down top navigation menus.  The JLinked Share buttons appear at the top of many pages.  In many cases, the drop-down navigation, when expanded, will appear layered behind the Share buttons, effectively hiding the drop-down navigation menu. 

We've tried playing around with the z-index in the css to fix the problem, and haven't been able to resolve.  Does anyone have a fix or suggestion for this issue?

Thank you!

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